FBMC weekday rides?

  1. Pogo2
    Hi fellow FB'ers
    Now that I have gone back to shiftwork I was wondering if there were any FB'ers that have time to ride in the weekdays. Sadly I only get 1.5 weekends of a month so weekend rides can be a bit of a hit and miss affair.

    Was thinking I could post a few days before a ride and we can take it from there. Just cruisy rides 150-200km and fine days only for me. Hey I'm a Fb'er not a "real biker"!

    Let us know if you free and we'll see how we go.

  2. Fatt Max
    Nice one mate, that sounds like a plan.

    I have every 4th Thursday morning off as I do the late shift at work so I could certainly do a morning run (ooohh, for brunch maybe) so yeah, lets see.

    Are you on Facebook mate? If you are then look up the group page there, its Fat Bikers MC. Otherwsie, I am happy to post this up for you, let me have an email address you dont mind being published and I will post it up there as well.

    So, you are formally launching the FBMC Weekday Wobblers......good shite......
  3. Pogo2
    Cheers FM

    Weekday Wobblers it is.

    Gotta keep those pies shops in business during the week days as well!!
  4. Fatt Max
    Pogo, send me an email address and I can put this up with your email as the contact for these rides. I'll put it on the website and in the next newsletter as well

    Cheers mate
  5. baptist
    Would be good, I sometimes get spare time during the week.
  6. baptist
    Argghhh hate slow computers, sorry got a double messages (is it my machine or am I just impatient?)
  7. hazidd
    pick me / no work no worries )-: but up for a ride
  8. Pogo2
    Looks like there are a few takers for the Weekday wobblers then- great.

    I'm fully booked till the beginning of August but after that I'll be keen to sort something out if nothing happens in between.

    Keep your eyes post about August time.


  9. hazidd
    and the weathers looking better these days /// roll on spring - summer and those fine winter days
  10. Pogo2
    Hi everyone.
    Now getting all things sorted and should be free for some weekday rides shortly.

    Any ideas for ride routes or destinations? Any preferences Hazidd?
    Perhaps if we have a list we can tick then off as we go.
  11. hazidd
    i like the sea bird coast out to fish n chip shop and bar which we can ride bikes around back next to where we can sit at a table for lunch or the shorter one of out to clevedon also via maraetai
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