1st Time to join.. Need some advice on Auckland Motorcycle workshops in auckland

  1. Senan
    Hi all,
    Excited to join Kiwi Biker,
    I'm looking for a workshop that doesn't charge a fortune, and does the right job..
    I have taken my bike down to Panmure which wasn't the easiest as i had to get someone to drop me off in rush hour and he stuffed up my bike..(for those who want to know the workshops details PM me, I would hate anyone to get stuffed again) and charged me a fortune (I wish he did the work he mentioned he did)..
    Can you please input anything around Auckland Nearest to CBD/Mt Roskill area..
    Anything is appreciated, ( I can do those on my own, No longer have time with the new job)

    -Things I need to get done, Just the usual service, including clutch change every couple of years)
    Thanks guys..
  2. Razoul
    Hi Senan,

    There's a motorcycle mechanic in hernderson his name's Toby cool guy will fix what you want and tell you things that may need fixing over time unless its urgent.

    He can also pick up and drop of your bike aswell espcially if you dont have time to take the bike to him.

    I'll have to find his details but he can do everything excpet electrical things on your bike , ive taken my wife's bike to him a few times otherwise if you want a specfic mechanic who specialises in your make of bike there always the bike shop's with the servicing areas on barry Point Rd in Takapuna.

    Hope this helps a little.
  3. Razoul
    Hi Senan,

    Found the contact details for my above post,

    Here is a link to his website: http://aucklandmotorcycleservices.co.nz/

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