An Open Invitation to ride with the BFTP on Saturday,April the 14th 2018.

  1. caseye
    OK You old Lardy arsed buggers, heres the next big thing.
    This ride is now open to all KB members, but the BFTP would like to cordially invite their old friends form ther FBMC to come along as well, many of you know Murray and would enjoy a night off up in the Whangarei district.
    So get amongst it and ring him!
    Cheers and beers you ugly buggers.

    An Open Invitation to ride with the BFTP on Saturday,April the 14th 2018.
    BFTP= Blast From The Past.
    A group of motorcyclists who all own, ride and restore any motorcycle older than 1990. The BFTP has been in existence for over 10 years, we 're looking to see who else is out there and who might like to ride with us on the occasional BFTP old bikes runs, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, naturally with enough interest we can and will organise other rides that don't have to mean exclusively riding your old bike.
    Most bikes of this age are becoming rarer, more valuable and harder to maintain, keep running, so the idea isn't to flog the bikes so much as to get toghetehr form time to time and tlk BS and get ideas and leads from one another.

    Here is the blurb from our Original Front Page.

    Who/what is 'Blast From The Past ?

    We are a bunch of individuals who have a common interest, namely riding and sharing tales about our pre 90's motorcycles.
    Originating in Auckland there are BFTP members NZ wide!

    We ride once a month. Our rides take 1-3 hours including stops and are generally held rain or shine.
    If you have a period bike or have had or are getting another (runner or project) please join us and tell us all about you and your bike/s. The group is morphing and establishing interesting self help and help share threads on a range of bike related matters (with particular emphasis on maintenance and restoration). All we ask is that you come on rides or post what your up to and enjoy other's tales too.

    If this sounds like your cup of liquorice tea then join up and say hi, we don't bite and we all know a thing or two about making old bikes go again.

    From Auckland the ride will leave from the underground Car Park Under The Warehouse at the Albany Shopping Centre, beside the Caltex Service Station by Mc Donalds on Coliseum Drive Albany. At 10am on Saturday the 14th of April 2018. Gather, anytime form 9am onwards ride off at

    A Day road trip, up to Waipu, to visit the WW1 museum and attractions, cafe's and shops.
    Pick your own destination, food or beverage.
    This will be the full extent of the BFTP day ride.
    From here those who can't stay on,can return to Auckland, via any of the wonderful roads in the area.
    Those who can stay on, might like to head further up to Whangarei and congregate at the Distinction Hotel, for the night.
    Enjoying a night with MURRAY and IkeBikie and of course other members of the BFTP.
    The group could then return to Auckland at their leisure on Sunday.
    Murray 021719182 is happy to take bookings for a shared room, bed and breakfast for 2 for $100.00. He will try on your behalf to get you into a shared room with another rider to keep the $100.00 rate if you're willing to share.
    This is exceptional value and reflects his willingness to assist the BFTP and of course to ensure a good turn out for a BFTP ride.
    Dinner on the Saturday night could be at Jimmys Ribs a short walk away.
    There is a private bar, indoor swimming pool, spa's and a gym if you need to.
    OK, so, come on, sound off!.
    Lets see who's serious about having a get together.
    This is a simple, reunite ride, plans for more can be formulatd then, if desired.
    This event is now officially open to all KB Members who might like to ride their older than 1990 motorbike up to Waipu, they may also just like to leave the old girl in the shed and ride the modern, the bike is not as important as the intent for this event.
    Blast From The Past BFTP rides have been well attended in years gone bye, this year, we're all a few grey hairs older and don't like to drag the old ones out so much, so as I said the intention is to get as many old bike owners, interested outsiders and ex BFTPérs to Waipu and for thse who would like to to stop over at the Distinction Hotel in Whangarei, enjoying a very good breakfast for 2 and a night out of town for just 1 Hundy dollero's.
    This part of the ride is handled exclusively by those attending.
    Please let Murray know you are coming up as part of the BFTP_ to get the rate and make payment arrangements with him directly at the time.
  2. leathel
    I am shifting my daughter back home that weekend ATM, plans may change yet but that was the date we had planned it (should be finished her course)
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