Retiring from the FBMC.

  1. caseye
    Not sure it's ever actually been done, but here go's.
    I have enjoyed riding with some bloody fantastic people while I've been involved in the FBMC, mostly I was in it from the start.
    My departure is in no way a dig at anyone or anyhting, it's just time I did other things and now that time has come.
    The memories are pretty much all good ones, the bad ones, well they happen, it's not what you think or feel, it's how you deal with them.
    Those of the FBMC who I have ridden with, conversed with and formed life long friendships with, know who you are, so to all the others, the knockers, the complainers, the moaners, the Oh! theres a ride on, I'm going, but help out, organise one little thing and Na.
    See ya around, Like a rissole.
    The last thng as an FBMCr I'd like to do is offer the FBMC Plate to Leathel, it's the club's founding document you might say and if anyone deserves it, it should be Him.
    I'm done.
  2. Murray
    Jeez Caseye I thought you were going to say you lost weight

    See ya in 3 weeks
  3. eldog
    Did you get off the couch on the wrong side?

    All social/club groups have this problem.

    Next you will be telling us your on Farcebook too.

    Come and chill out literally on SATNR

    Need to expose the group to a bigger audience to get participation up. Then maybe someone else rather than the same few may get the organisational bug too.

    I know I can't do it. Crap riding/navigational skills is why I don’t lead.
  4. leathel
    I will set another ride up one day...... but until I catch up with work it isn't happening any time soon...... so for me its on hold, unless someone else steps up that can put time in
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