The captains and the Kings depart

  1. Ixion
    The tumult and the shouting dies.

    Anyone else here still riding ?
  2. Dadpole
    Walking at the moment. My dickey hip means I can't kick over the XL250. Standing beside it and using my left leg provides much entertainment for any spectators.
  3. caseye
    Hey boys, yep still riding, sold on the Bandit, bought me a proper traily! Big ol Nonda Africa Twin an loving it, had it 6 months done 11000 K's so far.
    Coal Burner Still breathing, but not too often, 2 years before shes a veteran an I can ride her for chips!
    Been told shes worth a bit these days, but not looking to sell her, just to keep her alive and well and use her on occassion.
  4. Murray
    still wanting to ride, Got a Bday coming up pressie is a service, warrant & reggie WAHOO
  5. caseye
    Hey hey Hay! thats good news. I'd be on for a quiet get together somewhere SOON. Long as this lot could produce some actually running and road worthy rides.
  6. Kickaha
    I just did a loop of Lee's valley on the BSA 650, knocked up a couple of thousand km in the last 2-3 months on it
  7. caseye
    Given yer lack of a rather normally needed apendage, I salute EWE!
    Well done me ol mate, hope it was an enjoyable few yundy K's.
  8. Diggers
    Im still around. last couple of weeks sold both my rides, CB1100s and Bandit. Looking for a Guzzi. Need a bike with soul! I was in Italy in Sept and went to the Guzzi museum, inspiring!
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