A Blast From The Past RIDE!

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  1. caseye
    Lets see if we can still do this.
    None has to ride their old bike, probably in museums by now anyway!@#$ Listen to those old Bear Racers.
    How about this.
    We do it before the end of April.
    We go somewhere like the Turangi Holiday Park.
    They have multiple ,old cabins which are cheap but effective quarters.
    They have a big kitchen come Hall that we can cook and mingle in.
    Friday night arrivals can be accommodated.
    Highlight the link below, right click it and you can then tell it to go there.
    Perhaps a planned tootle, out to the Trout Farm, or a nice ride into Waiouru and The Army Museum and photo opportunity amongst the tanks??


    OK campers, what about it?
    I'm keen.
    Daddy (Dadpole) is keen.
    Ole Wickle is keen.
    Friday flash is keen.
    Between us we should be able to contact many more past members of the BFTP, lets get this into the record books.
    About to go into the dusty (did someone already say "Dusty") members area and chase em all along.
  2. caseye
    Well, I've messaged every last existing BFTP member, we should see some coming in the register their approval/ or NOT! lol.
    Fingers crossed, wot do you guys reckon, so far, sound like a plan?
  3. Dadpole
    Count me in - providing I can lay my hands on a bike. That looks like a done deal - subject to a mechanical integrity check.
  4. wickle
    im a starter, Dadpole ,Jase mite be able to find a clunker for you to ride, maybe a second RD350, two smoke screens, LOL
  5. surfer
    Hi there, I could well be in
  6. ICE180
    yup let me know keen
  7. fridayflash
    Hi all.. im in! appreciate your efforts on this Caseye

    and they said the beatles would never get back together eh!
  8. Dadpole
    Well we will have to beat the Beatles at least. If I make it from my place to The Bay, will that count as a BFTP ride?
  9. RDjase
  10. KiwiGs
    Hi guys, can't make the ride sorry.
    I know I know it is a bit soft of me to not ride up there and back in a weekend.
    I did ride my '86 GSX400 twin 400km in a day last Sunday.
    Flying the BFTP down in the deep south.
    Have fun and stay shiny side up.
  11. caseye
    Weeelllll, I reckon we can forgive you this , this one time! Bloody long way I know.
    Want to get south of the Bombay's, never mind the Cook Straight Ditch! One day we'll get down there the wife an I.
  12. Murray
    We are going to wedding in Pirongia end of April so are unfortunately out. The old Turangi motor park. Remember the frozen bikes there on a FBMC meet. Great place great time and April great month to have a meet there.
  13. bistard
    Thanks for the invite, will see closer to the time
  14. psyguy
    Hey guys
    I'm keen.
    Though... the ol' GS dropped a couple of cylinders on the last trip, a suspected ignition module fault (or a coil). I'm hoping I can fix it in time. The parts are on order, being shipped out of the USA via You Shop so hopefully here in a couple of weeks or so.
  15. caseye
    OK, so I count 11 as firm as you can get responders so far.
    Get out and tell the others you Know, what's happening, I'm going to enquire after the ANZAC weekend Friday the 23rd April. (second to last weekend Murray) in April and see what they can do for us.

    Early Birds there on Friday the 23rd April.
    24th Main Contingent arrive.
    Wander /taxi, small bus down to the town center, enjoy a quiet bevvy or 2 and a meal, head back for a bit of a knees up in the hall.
    Ride out by 10am Sunday, everyone to their own devices as to how they get home, official gathering over.
    What say you lot?
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