Game on!

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  1. 1vanvan1
    Game started!
  2. TOTO
    Oh cool, cant wait
  3. Squiggles
    im in 10chars
  4. Magua
    Me too. 10char
  5. 1vanvan1
    Alright, Here goes! Start off easy

    Where'd that dam tree go?
  6. Mystic13

    Will it work this time?

    Thanks for that. Hopefully I'll figure that out on the next post. Bludy L. gee that took some work.

    Thanks for re-sizing the photo and linking.

  7. Squiggles
    upload it to your album here on kb and use that link or use somewhere like imageshack
  8. 1vanvan1
    Nice! That didn't take long - Now your it
  9. Mystic13
    What territory are we comfortable posting in. I'm actually heading out on a ride when you posted. The ride will be shorter now but what's our target area.

    Greater Auckland Region.

    Greater Auckland Region and country space within 1 hour of Aucks? I could easily wander to Southhead, Wellsford Whangaparoa Peninsula or SH22 Kawhia etc.

    Or is the plan to keep it in close.

  10. 1vanvan1
    I have made another discussion topic about his so people can post there opinions there.
  11. .chris

    I win?
  12. 1vanvan1
    Unfortunately not, You were beaten by Mystic13.

    Good to see people are getting into it!
  13. .chris
    doh, his photo did not load the when I made my reply. Thought I was in.

    Was a fun ride anyway.
  14. Mystic13
    I've decided to Herald in a new stage. I've headed out to one of our islands. The beautiful, small one next to Aucklands airforce military base.

    It shouldn't take too long to find this place as there are only a handful of roads.

  15. Mystic13
    Is there any way I can get an email sent etc from this page. I know i can subscribe to threads. An email or some sort of alert just saves me checking back.

    If there is no alert option should we move this over to meetings/events or general and run it as a thread for everyone to play in.

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