1. PirateJafa
    I know some good carparks, but let's get these bikes sussed first.
  2. racefactory
    Ok i've got my 'crasher fairings' ... now all i need is a bit of foam for the tank and possibly some crash knobs.
  3. racefactory
    Ok so who is keen to come check out Unitech car parks before the ride on sunday morning???

    I just remembered the perfect place... Albany RC car track by north harbour stadium in albany, north shore!!!! ... it is too twisty if you follow the exact layout but you can simplify the course and take short cuts.. it has curbs and everything... and a GREAT surface.
  4. racefactory
    Gymkahna FTW!!!
  6. Choco
    i would come check out the carpark with you Trademe, but i've got work
  7. klingon
    I'm checking out the Unitec car park at 10:00am this Sunday, and will bring some orange cones (I only have a few though) just in case anyone wants to have a play.
  8. Choco
    Check this out:

    Those NSR's get ridden HARD.
    Lots of respect for dudes who can ride their bikes to the limit in first gear
  9. racefactory
    Klingon- me, andy R and banzai are going there at 9.30am, can you make it then? Me and Banzai have to be back at 10.15-10.30 for the SMC ride you see...
  10. HungusMaximist
    Looks really fun and it's always good to improve your slow speed techniques.

    It will definitely be much more easier for the nakeds and smaller capacity bikes to manoeuvre around those exercises than a full on sportster.
  11. racefactory
    well today i was just doing some peg scraping around smallish quiet albany roundabouts getting used to being cranked over. good fun.

    guys we need more options for spots...

    today i went to windsor park mcdonalds on east coast road and checked out the 2 huge car parks behind there... the surface is fine i reckon but it has a lot of white lines so no knee downs in wet.

    we got kicked out of unitec car parks and the guy does not seem keen at all on us using the car parks. its such a pity cause its a lovely car park.

    MOAR spots please...
  12. El Santos
    El Santos
    g'day, im new 2 the gorup, so where abts u guys have this gymkhana thing?
  13. racefactory
    Hey welcome mate. We are still to locate a decent spot where we can do it worry free...

    If you know any spots just shout.
  14. xwhatsit
    Hmm I think my bike would do reasonably well at the twisty flip-floppy stuff -- I don't like the sound of braking within a small box, though!
  15. rie
    this group has had... no posts since Dec 2008! I can wrap my entire bike in a mattress of foam during this hibernation peroid and flip flop round some cones. yeeeees...
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