Welcome to the group!!! (Please Read First)

  1. H00dz
    Hi there Hopefully like me you are a Fan/Owner of the GSX1400.

    I have not owned my GSX1400 for very long but I can tell that I have secretly coveted them for quite some time

    Anyway...Imagine my dismay when I realised that the only GSX1400 forum I could find was based in the U.K. www.gsx1400.org Don't get me wrong I joined as you would expect and they appear to very accommodating even putting in a section in there for the Aussie/Kiwi's Which is cool!!!

    BUT REALLY no Group in GODZONE NZ??? WTF


    Thanks to the guys at KB we can still have our cake and eat it too

    THANKS KB your the BEST!!!

    So Wadda reckon Shall we make this group???

    One person is not a group (more like a lonely slapper ranting about nothin' or a psychopath ) two is pair, three is a few so I guess we need at LEAST four or more.....
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