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  1. Transalper
    There's a bit of this stuff floating about the web but if we're going to the trouble of belonging to a dedicated group here on KB we might as well talk about it too.

    So I have mostly only used the chest mount and helmet mounts, haven't stuck it on to the bike yet.

    I find the chest mount to be my favourite but only works great on bikes with no windscreen and when shoulder straps are tightened to lift the camera as high as it can with that mount.
    For me that's on the CRF230 and DR650 when I remove it for recording. With the screen in place I found the ground in front really isn't there, especially once the screen gets a bit of dirt on it.
    Haven't got a sports bike to test the sports bike riding position.

    The anti fog inserts, only really fogged badly once, and lightly once but just got some of those inserts so hopefully that will be the end of that... though I'm not expecting miracles.

    My latest acquisition has been the 'Helmet Front Mount' so now I have all the arms and things i needed to get the dam thing sitting out far enough from my helmet and adjustable enough to fix my tilted picture without the need for as much post processing.
    Just about need a counter balance on the helmet though.
    The new arms are short but without the 90 angle twist in them.
    Will see how it goes tomorrow.

    Another thought I'd looked at and may test later is the head strap with the top strap removed and placed on the helmet so the camera sits in front of the front chin vent. That be like the chest mount but higher again, probably more shakey though... a bit like the side mount but maybe not such a wind catcher until you turn your head.
    Unfortunately the Shoei Hornet is already a long helmet with quite a pointy chin vent so will have to look at padding that out somehow. Big bit of foam rubber I guess. Should be easier with a normal road helmet which is what it was on when I first saw mention elsewhere online.

    Mounting away from the bike on a pole is also something I'd like to try sometime. Youtube user dty2dty2 has been doing that in some of his quad bike videos.

    An LCD Backpac would be real handy for testing but $$$ !
    Don't see options to attach pictures so heres an embedded one of my latest setup as mentioned earlier...

  2. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor
    Let us know how you get on. i ride on dirt and Ive used the chest mount and a top of helmet mount which ive turned the camera round to face backwards a few times.

    thinking of getting the bar mount kit and putting in on my handle bars, but i have tapered bars with no cross brace so not sure if it will stay on. i also wanted to mount on to the frame for a low down shot but think its to risky and might smash the camera off!
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