Post your videos and photos here.

  1. DrunkenMistake
    As the above says so Ill start it off,
  2. Eddieb
    I've done a pile of stuff, it's all here:

    Mines the standard res camera, I wouldn't mind going HD though.

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    Bugger, dunno why the embed isn't working for me.
  3. Transalper
    I definately like the colour but the wide angle could do with a little bit less angle. I know I know, that will make things shake more but everything is just so small in the frame. That's really my only complaint if i was to complain... but overall I like the value for money and the colour.

    Here's my first decent online chest mount video...

    Here's my latest helmet mounted one after post processing rotation and zoom to fix the tilt I had, among other tweaks...
  4. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor

    This is the first vid i made with my go pro. its a bit shakey because i was using a chest mount that slid about on my armour. been using a helmet mount for more footage to make the next vid. hope ya like it!
  5. Eddieb
    I've done a lot of Helmet cam vids with my GoPro, I have the original Hero HD. My last one was of a ride out to Sutherlands Hut in the Wairarapa.

  6. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor
    looks like hard work on them big road bikes! still looks alot of fun though! good vid!
  7. Metal Doctor
    Metal Doctor

    A fun short film i made for my better half Dawn on her KX125 at woodhill.
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