FBMC Wobbly in Welly Birthday Bash - Wellington 2012

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  1. caseye
    Damn cause I've just re booked the Turangi stop over for the new dates. A Definite starter for this one I am..Ratti, get out the ug boots girl we're gunna party.
  2. caseye
    Part One.

    Well, many thanks to the Windy Wobbly Wellington Lot for making this a magic event. The ride down on Thursday afternoon was a Perla and those of us who managed the time off had a great jaunt down to Turangi, stopping for a pint at the Okorrie Pub and then at Taupo for dinner before landing in Turangi for a few quieties in the lounge some lie telling and an nearly night for the next days sojourn.
    Off to Waiouru and hell what did I see falling out of your pack then ?
    Oh just a water bottle.That was! all that was observed leaving the pack.
    Ah and the camera and the wallet and the wet ones!? and the stash ( medical term for supplies)
    Time to ride the entire length of the Desert Road back to the Turangi side of the main gates 1/2 belly, "Hawk Eye" assisted in this endeavor and now has the added title as you've seen of "Hawk Eye and lough and behold there are some wet wipes. Oh and there is a perfectly preserved camera bag, butt wait, no it's been trucked ! Yep run over and made much more compact, sadly no longer operational.
    Oh and look over there is a wallet! cards, yes all butt the one you'd like, yep the debit one. But then that's not so bad, as all of the other contents were still in it, except the credit card, it to had escaped the wallet, but was found lingering in a road side bush.
    So after returning to the Army Museum the group got under way again and we made good time to Turangi.
    Turangi Holiday Inn camp ground was superb and people WE WILL BE GOING HERE AGAIN!.
    Cheap rooms, great facilities and the friendliest managers I've yet come across.
    Our next stay here will encompass a separate dining,lounge facility that we can have for our selves and as we did this time we will be able to park literally beside our cabins. We have been offered the added delights of a put on BBQ or even if we got enough numbers a spit roasted piggy or lambs.
    So I hope this makes many of you sit up and take notice.We were made very welcome and our wants and needs were more than exceeded and the offer of further accommodation and catering will and should be made good use of in the near future.
    So off to the Windy place we headed after fueling the bikes and our selves at the Turangi Truck Stop, special place this folks, where else could you get a feed of a Chicken burger , 2 fish and chips for $10, BUCKS OK, so for Uncle Festa ( aka Carl) it was only $ 9.60, I think he bargained them down.We left for the wild Windy place.
  3. caseye
    Part Two.

    Picked up a few unwanted attention grabbers on the way, namely unwanted attention from the local Po, Po's, wish that they'd at least let you know they were not happy before doing an emergency stop and indicating their intention to do an immediate U Turn and come after you when you were going past them at a measly "indicated 110" ( all, of the road side speed readers tell me my bike is doing 7 or more K's p H less than my speedo, so I find it really hard to accept that I could be attracting so much attention)
    However it would seem that good sense and I hope good judgement prevailed and I must admit we never saw hide nor hair of them afterwards , for the record my/our speed was not altered either up or down after seeing these emergency stops, no lights flashing or anything else just the brake lights going on and the car moving rapidly to the left.
    Anyway, enough of the negatives, picked up Martin, Mel and Ian at Sanson, what a loverly bunch o coconuts they are/ were. Te he he sorry guys couldn't resist.
    So our ride into the Tatum Park was an uneventful one, bit of a rain shower or two but nothing special, lotsa road works around there.
    Excellent place this Tatum Park,once again, excellent hosts and their hospitality was magnificent, all of us got upgrades to "The Lodge" and our quarters were immaculate.
    Meals were great, good wholesome and bountiful for good money.
    Drinks in the bar/garden bar area were served as long as we were thirsty and again the prices were great too.
    Now then, we got outa bed on Saturday morning and we had clearing sky's and dry roads , one of our number scouted ahead and reported back that"the roads are dry and the sun is out"
    Off we went! Got to the Upper Hutt, got lost, got found again! How is it that we are so often rewarded with a sign from above.There we were a miserable bunch of late bikers sitting on the side of the road and there goes by a bike, wait up! "Nek Minute" I'm off after that # plate on that beautiful white and black machine piloted by none other than out very own Kate.
    Got the good oil from her and arrived in time to order breekky and get to howdy and shake with our wellington and Southern Isles divisions.
    The Quiz was monstrously hard but we got em done.
    The Wellington Central ride was awesome, pity about those tow Mo's in the coastal roads butt otherwise the scenery was impressive and the pace gentle.
    Many thanks to all of those from down there that organised this days events, it was a cracker and every one of the Dorkland contingent enjoyed their day out immensely.
    Off over the Hills, the ones us woosseies didn't go over earlier that morning and down to the Paraparaumu Cobb and Co for the prize giving.
    The names were flying thick and fast and the deeds and feats were mightily impressive.
    Once order had been restored we rode quietly off, OK we were following "The Nasty One" so quietly might not be all that apt, butt hey I'm writing this and I can say what I want, so there!
    Back up the coast to Tatum, where a meal and a few drinks and lies were put to bed.
    Party went for some time the poor old hosties got to bed a bit late that night but they were happy with us and have invited us back anytime, poor buggers. We;ll probably take them up on that offer too.
    All min all a great way to spend 5 days on the road with friends and making new friends, again many thanks to the Windy Wobbly Lot down there in Welly land and great to catch up with so many of our fellow fat Bikers.
    Special mention to two of our number.
    Peter, aka Mainlander, a very special effort on Peters part saw him make the trip from Christchurch to be with us and his local knowledge got us to within a few K's of the mornings first venue, many thanks Peter for taking us in and for simply taking the time to come meet a whole bunch of new mates from so far away.
    Hope the trip home was eventful but good mate and glad to be able to shake your hand again.
    To Martin, the Motorcycle Jouster! Yes I said "Jouster" his story of him and his Ready Reaction Force getting bored one day and taking their riot Armour and hopping on their Motorbikes to perform the age old art of Jousting, brought tears to the eyes and laughter to the lips, once we knew that all participants had survived in large part due to inaccurate lance(javelins, I believe) placement and copious amounts of liquid anesthetic, all of this while in a state of constant alert. it is rumored that some did muster for sick bay the next day and that their injuries had simply been put down to over zealous practice???? I ask you.
    Martin I sincerely hope that your trip home was not a wasted one and that your wife is well once more.
    OK< I've said enough for one night, perhaps others might like to put in a bit more or add their own tales.
    This was one hell of a trip and I'd do it again in a heart beat.
    Thanks in particular to Fatt Maxx, Mad Ducky, Nasty, Faith and all the others who helped it become a reality.
  4. caseye
    Well it's 2015 an we;re off to New Plymouth in just 2 weeks for yet anudda FBMC Birthday bash.
    Looking forward to it heaps we are, the missus an I.
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