Guy Fawks. Saturday n ight the 4th Of November. 2017

  1. caseye
    OK, so anyone interested in a Saturday night ride and a few bangers to finish?
    Just a thought.
    Bout time we rode as a group.
    Why not have a Bang or two on the side?
    Exact time, destination etc to be agreed.
  2. leathel
    sounds like a plan.... will have to nut out some details.
  3. caseye
    Weather looks OK for the day!
    perhpas a local fireworks disply venue for the destination.
    Looking for one now.
    OK, so the only show in town on the 4th of November is Waikaraka Park after the nights racing.About 10.30pm, maybe 11 before it kicks off. Gunna be a late night folks( but this is always a great fireworks display)
    Always a bloody good show! Perhpas we plan a ride to finish up at the Church Street Maca's at say 9.30pm. Then we tootle off down to outside the Park and watch the fireworks for free.
    Home time James after that.
    So a ride off from the Caltex at Bombay at about 6pm, bit of a stop somewhere outrageous for dinner, (perhaps the Clevedon Pub)
    Followed by a quiet ride into Onehunga for desert at Macca's then down to the Park, what say you Heathens???
  4. leathel
    tomorrow night is looking OK for an evening ride ..... if its on will talk more then.
  5. Murray
    sounds like a bit of fun but as usual business comes first. Waiting for Trinas next long weekend and hopefully head down Caseye way!!

    Have a good one cheers
  6. caseye
    Well given that it's raining here alreqady, I can't see Waikaraka park doing their fireworks display tonight, so I gues riding to see it is probably a no go.
    Murray, you guys have a permanent room here, always, and it'll be bloody good fun having you both, as always.
  7. leathel
    I still have a full days work to finish.... and yup I doubt they will be racing/display

    I see the councils last minute new rule enforcement has put paid to western springs display....was all good until 48 hours away from the event...council pulled the pin, some punters would have been pissed of....but I doubt that racing will run anyway now
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