Pukekohe Saturday and Sunday 3rd & 4th 2018 Old Guys( I mean't bikes) and their bike

  1. caseye
    Well don't say I didn't give you the chance to ride!

    Talk to me people.
    Who wants to ride, say Sunday, middayish from our usual meet up point , the Caltex on the top of the Bombays at , ride off time 11am, take an hour or so of local roads to get there and then catch up with the boys ( um older bike riders)
  2. Ixion
    I'll be going on Sunday, but I want to be at the track by 10ish. It's over by 3pm, and there's a lot to check out. See you there maybe
  3. caseye
    Well Raybag an I headed out to Pukekohe, albiet a little late.
    Got there at about 12.45ish, they stillw anted full price for entry so I called Nuff, Stopped at the Scotsmans stand by the top of teh hill onthe road nd had a gander for a bit then headed off the long way to Merc er for a Muddy Lunch, so didn't see anyone, but did go, will make sure I get there on time next time.
    Who's all for the AK Rescue Helicopter Ride next weekend. Checked out the area available at Podges in mercer, I'd have to say it's not going to hold a lot of bikes.
    NO Matter we'll be there, so who else is coming?
  4. trustme
    MISERABLE FUCKING TIGHTWAD. Get your lazy arse out of bed earlier & make a proper day of it instead of expecting others to subsidise your slothful indolence.
  5. Voltaire
    $12.50.....thats a couple of Waikatos.
  6. caseye
    Ah, go on then throw rocks, can't hurt me, I too stupid.
    Hope you guys had a bloody good days racing, weather should have been much better than Saturday.
    Looking forward to catching up soon guys.
  7. trustme
    Great weekend even if Sat was a wash out. Track conditions were lethal when wet. All the resurfaced bits are on the race line & have been blended into the old surface with strips of epoxy resin. I think the register is going to have a few words with track management.
    Sunday was good until rain stopped play again , seemed to be a fair few spectators who enjoyed themselves.
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