Paeroa Street Races Sunday the 18th of February 2018.

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  1. leathel
    twas a good day out and a good ride to and from
  2. caseye
    Yep, good ride down, bloody hot, on the way and once trackside. once again the Paeroa RSA did a great job of catering to the many thousands who graced their door, brilliant in there, look out front door,Main Straight, look out the other door S's and haripin, them Motards certainly earn their keep on this circuit.So hot coming home, had a Police car haul up behind Ratbag and I on the Miranda to Mangatangi strai9ghts, only to smile and wave as he speed past.
    Turned out there was a bus broken down on the Pokeno On ramp and it needed 2 of NZ's finest form as far away as Kaiaua to speed all the way there and put some cones out and make every single vehicle merge into one lane, when the bloody bus was already off to the side of the road, most important use of our small and hard pressed road policing units I've ever seen.
    Go again next year? probably not, fields are way down, crowds are so small it must almost be a non profit event.
    First sign of the races being held was at Netherton ( 8 odd K's out of paeroa), must do better than this to get people in, yes it's been a big weekend for sport and events, but hell Paeroa is/was the Norths premier event not that long ago.
    Enjoyed the ride down and back, great to have 9 bikes almost exclusively FBMCrs, though there were two official BFTP members on the ride too.
    Most rider interactions were positive, one or two cocks on Triumph sports bikes who thought our staggered formation was some sort of mobile slalom.
  3. leathel
    We did the normal photo stop before leaving (the last of us left about 4pm) then out Tahuna way, then Glen Murray/ Rangi road so an enjoyable trip home. I missed the euro motards in with the bears, was always good to mix the group up with different bikes, I will likely go again but concentrate on different parts of the track. I heard that some of the normal crew weren't there as the Bert Munro run was last weekend and just to close together to do both. I also think the advertising pre event was pretty limited, lots didn't even know it was on :/

  4. caseye
    Hey! Who's dat skinny bugger on the BMWubble ewe?
    Oh yeah it's um, um,. Pa, ah, Pil, wow, I know, a Fat Biker dude from way back.
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