1. caseye
    Well some have finally seen the ride advice and noted it'was too short a notice, also admitting they don't come into KB much there days.
    Can I respectfully suggest you guys get your arses back into the BFTP Forums on KB at least, that way you will know what is being planned and can even have a say in how and when it might occur.
    BUTT, here we go.
    March the 30th 2018 is Easter Friday, Sat Sun then Moday the 2nd of April is Easter Monday.
    This could be the perfect first new ride for the BFTP in years.
    How about this,
    Those that want to ride down to Turangi, on the Thursday afternoon/evening would be ble to arrive and settle in . To the Turangi Holiday Park. See below Link for address and contact phone numbers.
    Anyone else who for whatever reason can't get down on Thursday arvo, can pootle on down together, picking up riders on the way down the line on Friday to arrive about mid afternoon with plenty of time for rest and recreation before we plan our Ohakune pool soaking on the Saturday.
    Have a communal meal or do it yourself, whicheve takes your fancy that night in the big lounge/hall area.

    This place has awesome little cabins and a great big lounge, kitchen area where we can all kick back and relax, it's close to the supermkmarket and once there we can ride over to Ohakune to the Hot Pools and soak for a day or two to straighten out all the old bones, thats one day taken care of.
    Thoughts on the next day please. A shortish ride with a destination like a restaurant/pub where we can sit back and enjoy the bigger and bigger lies.

    Sunday, well thats for you guys to tell me, so come on ideas, keep it simple and remember we're riding a long way back on Monday.
    Anyone know of anyone of our members down the line who would like to ride up and perhaps get a group together from down south, or out Napier way, "Dadpole, Diesel D, Wickle"come on boys this is a good chance for that long awaited reunion ride.
  2. Wolfrider
    All I can manage at this point in time are day trips, so anything longer than a day I have to exclude myself from.
  3. Ixion
    Same for me. Being away overnight is very difficult for family reasons. Day trips are good.
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