Next Time We Get Together!

  1. caseye
    It's Saturdy the 2nd of June 2018, the BFTP hasn't actually gotten off the ground a single ride in the last 2 years, probably longer.
    You lot are all still out there and I know you look in here when something is posted,so how about this.
    Post a date you think might be of interst to the BFTP and lets see if we can work something up, got to have about 6-8 weeks of lead time to give everyone time to get sorted and make the decision to come .
    I'll do the leg work,where we meet,ride off time,routes taken marshalling if required,regroup here or there, destination arrival time.
    My Coal Burner is ready and wating for an outing, sitting quietly in the corner of the garage alongside the Bandy and the wifes Boulevard, time she got out for a blast!
    So, come on, When, Why, Where, Who, theres gotta be a day coming up that we can all get out on.
  2. Wolfrider
    And I've been knocking
    But no one answers
    And I've been knocking
    Most all the day
    Oh, and I've been calling
    Oh, hey hey BFTP
    Can't you come out to play.
  3. jmk
    Sunday lunch at a pub somewhere ....
  4. Murray
    Hi Craig, hows things? what bikes do you have now? Always a pub available in Whangarei if your bike lasts a 4 hour ride?
  5. ICE180
    let me know when as the GB going sweet now that its had a top end rebuild due to a exhaust vale dropping on to the piston
  6. Ixion
    Next time, Mathilda
  7. Murray
    Hi Ixion

    a year to reply to this thread

    nice to know some peopled are still alive


  8. Dadpole
    Still hanging in myself. Greetings to you all.
  9. Diggers
    Im still hanging around too. This page is almost like a contest to see how long we can go before someone replies!
    On another note Im on the lookout for an R65 to take on a trip to South America if anyone know of one.
  10. caseye
    Yep, still out here too. Coal Burner got a WOF last week, going as good as ever, ready at a moments notice to rego and ride.
  11. Ixion
    nice to know some peopled are still alive
    What makes you think that ?
  12. Dadpole
    nice to know some peopled are still alive

    What makes you think that ?
    Spooky.... The message from the otherworld..
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