Blue September Ride for Prostate Cancer Sunday the 9th of September 2018.

  1. caseye
    A long time ago in a land far away, a Fat Barstard was born.He came to NZ and got things happening, one of the best things he's ever done was to get us Fat Barstards to help him kick off this event.
    Things happened and the event continued on, without us, I swore off ever doing it again.
    Butt (A FMínism there ) it's a great cause and I reckon it's time the FBMC showed thier ugly fat faces and recommitted to helping out with a good cause.
    Wot say you philistine bike riders?
    Here is a link to the event.

    Here you can register and make sure of badges etc.
    I'd like to see as many names HERE on this page as we've ever had before saying you're coming along.
    To that end, for those of us still here in KB land, get out to see,phone,talk,txt, email, drum beat, with the rest of the motley crew and get them to come! (and to ride on the day, another FM inism, sorry can't elp it)
    Here is the when and where stuff.

    Start: 9.30am PlaceMakers, 481 Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga
    End: PlaceMakers, 47 Tavern Rd, Silverdale.

    Start: 9.30am PlaceMakers, 84-88 Clarence St, Hamilton City
    End: PlaceMakers, 25 MacDonald St, Mt Maunganui

    Start: 9.30am PlaceMakers, 15 John Seddon Dr, Todd Park, Porirua
    End: PlaceMakers, 38 Tacy St, Evans Bay

    Start: TBC
    End: TBC

    Start: 9.30am PlaceMakers, 85 Liddel St, Invercargill
    End: PlaceMakers, 10 Fairfield St, Gore
    The FBMC can proudly hold their heads high at any one of these rides and I'd like to see pics from each event ,of those beautiful BLACK FBMC shirts there amongst all those blue ones.
    See you there guys and gals.
  2. Murray
    Done this a few times and might just make it
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