SV650 K2 2002 - Parts and advice

  1. sibrit

    Just bought a decent second-hand SV650 K2 (naked not faired) for the missus, and while we're going to ignore the minor cosmetic damage (and going to leave on the Scorpion for the sweet sound), there are a couple of things I'd like to sort out and was wondering the best way to go about it, being new to this bike.

    Firstly, the RHS mirror is losing it's reflective backing, so I'd like to get a replacement.
    Secondly, the bike came with a pack rack but the RHS is held on with zip-ties, so I'd like to get the proper mounting bolts.
    Thirdly, the tach is munted, and while I don't need it myself, it helps her in knowing what gear she is in, so I'd like to get that fixed/replaced.

    As I'm based in Christchurch, where's a good source for parts like this? Second-hand is ideal, as she's re-acquainting herself with riding so I expect a few low speed drops.

    Talking of drops, would sliders stop the foot or hand levers from being bent/broken if it is laid on it's side?

    Cheers in advance for any info or advice.
  2. sibrit
    Been told by the local dealer that a new mirror for the 2002 SV650 is NZ$525.15, shipped from Japan as there are none in the country. Will definitely look for a second-hand one.
  3. Jeff Sichoe
    Jeff Sichoe
    I just googled 2002 SV650 Mirrors and there are some at Hastings Honda for $50 per side.

    What brand is the pack rack? I assume Ventura? Might pay to ask them, or just take the left hand side off and go down to bunnings and find some stuff that will suffice.

    You might want to look at the Trailtech Vapor to replace the dash.
  4. sibrit
    Thanks for the comments Jeff. I've looked at the parts from Hastings Honda, but worried that what I buy may not fit the SV650. For example, even though I specifically pick SV650 as my model (and not SV650S), that website still shows the mirrors for the SV650S. If they can get that wrong, what others are listed wrongly?

    Sure, they have the Whites OEM mirrors that will probably fit, but then I'd have to buy 2, so in the end I picked up a secondhand mirror from Bike Busters. $47 inc. shipping.

    I looked at the Vapor, and the kits that go with it, but it won't do as it can't handle the dual input fuel level sensors on the SV650, and knowing you're running out of fuel is more important than knowing how many RPM your engine is doing. I'll just keep tabs on the breakers and get in touch if they ever get another SV650 and see if the tach is any good.
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