1. Murray
    Happy New Year to ALL and hope we meet up again in 2022

    All the best and remember the winterless North always has a welcoming spot for you.

    Trina & Murray
  2. Dadpole
    The same to you - and any other lurking BFTP rabble.
  3. caseye
    Another couple of Lurkers still here!
    ANZAC Weekend? perhaps???
  4. psyguy
    Happy New Year everyone
  5. Murray
    A visit by Caseye and Gilian and a great day/night. Warm up here call me and visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. caseye
    It was brilliant thank you Trina and Murray.
    Come on you lot, how about we plan for a night at The Distinction Whangariei, Judges Bar for dinner, motel bar for night caps and Brekky in the morning, then a ride home anyway you want.
    Not a long weekend, too many cars everywhere.
    Early Birds, there Friday Night, have a relaxing time in the foreshore shops etc, main group arriving Saturday, perhaps a quiet Pootle in the country side, return for change of clothes and scene at the Judges. April perhaps???
    All of this as long as Aprils OK for Murray, Trina and the Motel.
    If you are interested sing out here!
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