r.i.p to missrx (robyn)

  1. fridayflash
    Hello all from Hawkes Bay

    Sad news here is that Robyn or 'missrx' was killed in a motorcycle accident along the napier waterfront near awatoto last sunday. some may remember her as jason lincolns
    partner (rdjase) at the time when the bftp was in its heyday.
    At that time she rode an srx400 and attended the ACC run to Wellington, the infamous 'Traumanui' weekend including the run over to whangamomona and she attended
    the 2nd bftp rally at Maraekakaho camp here in Hawkes Bay. there are photos out there of her on her srx on some of these runs and im hoping to dig any out and repost
    them here. if anyone has any to contribute that would be much appreciated. I have good memories of her with my lady Rachel (tate35) and the other gals Tina, Trina,
    Janet and Ratty etc all having fun.

    her accident came about on an spca charity ride over waitangi weekend, she was riding her vtr250 leading the second group when a rider on a big 'full dresser' type bike
    attempted a u turn directly infront of her along a narrow and busy stretch of 100kph highway. she didnt make it to hospital.
    very tragic and sad to say the least.

    Rdjase and myself spent Friday riding down to Waipawa/Waipukurau for Funeral proceedings and then went on a bit of a back country tootle afterwards in honour of her.

    Currently im riding an mt09 Tracer and Jason was on his xt660
  2. Dadpole
    Hi Eddie
    I am truly saddened to hear the news. Please pass on my sympathies and best wishes to Jason and the family.
  3. fridayflash
    Thanks Keith, will do matey

    Jason will be along to comment soon id say.. we were discussing getting back on here to post
  4. RDjase
    Hi Keith,
    Pretty tragic loss, I havn't been in a relationship with Robyn for a while but would see her every so often, she was a really cool lady. Went to Wiapawa the day before the funeral and caught up with her family and friends, old and new, lots of stories, hugs, tears and a few laughs. Have been remebering more stories from back then, and want to tell Robyns sister Joy them,
    Joy was in Aussie and has only been back in NZ a few years so it was the first I met her,

    Have got hold of the bike club (racing) and hopefully some pics of Robyn at race meetings while marshaling, her friends didnt really know what she did at race meetings, or that she was top dog of the Marshals
  5. RDjase
  6. Dadpole
    Hi there Jason.

    RIP Robyn indeed. The only photos I have of her are in the group shots from Traumanui and the Hawkes Bay meet all those years ago.

    I keep meaning to catch up when I am in the bay - next time perhaps.
  7. RDjase
    Group pics will be great,

    Planning a ride your way soon for a play at the windfarm, just getting my bike sorted, tyres, service, and legal
  8. Dadpole
  9. caseye
    Was in Napier Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning that weekend. (Left early Saturday morning)and on our bikes, Ratbag will be terribly saddened by this news.
    Man oh man, sad news guys and Girls of the BFTP, bloody sad news.
    Regards to all from Dorkland.
    Ride on. She will be remembered fondly.
  10. fridayflash
    Gidday Caseye mate, ive just been taking a stroll down memory lane thru the bftp pages,, specifically the Traumanui thread.
    great times man!!

    i hope your well bro
  11. caseye
    Yes, been doing the same here to. Traumaranui ! Ha, what a hoot that trip was.
    I'll never forget coming out of the fog on top of that little hill behind Waiouru and chasing that pesky ol RD wot out cornered everyone of us and seeing the mountains and the countryside below.
    rip missrx.
  12. Diggers
    Hey Jase, sorry to hear that news my old mate, Condolences to you buddy.
  13. psyguy
    Just came across this thread now... Sad news indeed... R.I.P. Robyn.
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