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    South Auckland Thursday Night Ride

    Thread Starter: The_Dover

    Alright then you homo's in order to save a 100km round trip to the Albany Pub and avoid the attention of the filth I'm organising a South Auckland Thursday Night Ride. Organising being a loose description. I have a route in mind, sadly I don't know where the pubs are around south yet but I will...

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    the clean two-stroke thread

    Thread Starter: Haufen

    As our beloved two-strokes are likely to disappear in the not so distant future, this thread shall serve as pool a for anything clean two-stroke related. The goal of this thread is to provide information, share the latest news and publications on two-stroke technology and discuss possible ways...

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    Places to practice list

    Thread Starter: carbacca

    i started riding not long ago and first got on two wheels at an empty parking lot, like i am sure a lot of others did too. there have been a few posts lately from new riders not knowing where to go to and get started/practice away from traffic, and as a result having to get started on busy roads...

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    Well that hurt. I've been coned!

    Thread Starter: Oakie

    So I was proceeding west to work in an orderly fashion this morning at 5.40am along QEII Drive, Christchurch on my wee DX Mail Supercub. I was approaching some of the many road cones that are along the middle of that stretch of road when I simultaneously saw a cone in the middle of the opposite...

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    Warning, bike for sale

    Thread Starter: zylon

    moderators please move if needed. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/sports/honda/listing/2694398269 This CBR1000rr for sale should not be on the road, it was crashed on a dave moss suspension tuning ride a while ago. The rider was unlicensed ( no insurance), and the the...

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    L plate and full of hate

    Thread Starter: Kb2020dope

    how much abuse did you boys and princesses get while on your L plates? Ive been getting absolutely hammered. Is this normal?

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