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    Optimistic sellers

    Thread Starter: Rcktfsh

    This trader must be pretty hard to outdo as far as optimism goes. Bike has been on the market for a year now, wonder when the penny will drop he''s dreaming at that price. You'd have thought after a year he might have got round to the little bit of tlc required to get running. ...

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    MotoGP 2019

    Thread Starter: jellywrestler

    I haven't been to a Moto GP as yet and reckon given others enthusiasm for them they're probably a good show? I'm thinking I should get my arse along to one in 2019 Figuring you lot would be able to enlighten me on to which meeting is the best one and why? Might as well get the inside info after...

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    XR500 (and similar) legends and lies thread

    Thread Starter: 10bikekid

    Page 1, let the lies begin Will contribute the stories and pics from my 2x 1979 XR500's as time permits. My Fav Shot, I wasn't big on safety back in 79 (not that an XR500 is every gona flip anyway:oi-grr: ) <a...

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    Grey Gold

    Thread Starter: Beekeeper

    Checking out the trademe listings, as you do, and there seems to a lot of old bikes from the 70's mostly that people are trying to and in some cases selling for pretty ridiculous prices. Bikes like GT Suzuki's, CB Honda's and a plethora of other plain old crap. Those bikes were not very good in...

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    Dyneema jeans from Blackwood Safety

    Thread Starter: GazzaH

    Spotted this jeans ad in the Blackwoods Safety flier. "Dyneema" is marketed as "the world's strongest fibre", an ultra long polythene molecule for the chemists among us. It has several advantages over Kevlar (aramid). I doubt even Dyneema jeans are as road-rash-resistant as decent leathers...

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    Leh/Ladakh motorcycyle trip.

    Thread Starter: Katman

    Apparently, about a year ago there was an article written in the Kiwirider magazine reviewing a motorcycling trip done in the Ladakh area of India. Having just completed the same trip, run by the same operator, I'm keen to read the article. Can anyone please point me to which issue I need to...

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    unofficial road races with the blue team- anyone else recall participating ?

    Thread Starter: Temporary-Kiwi

    during my mispent youth i had a few of these, i never got stopped during one, but I did get stopped just after one, also got "tracked down" after another - it didnt occur to me that the coppers would follow my powersliding marks on the gravel roads for over 20km, i was found sitting beside said...

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    I've got one of these.....

    Thread Starter: Pushrodtwin

    I see by using the search button that there are, or have been, a couple of others lurking amongst the membership. Are there any more out there?

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