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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    MotoGP 2019

    Thread Starter: jellywrestler

    I haven't been to a Moto GP as yet and reckon given others enthusiasm for them they're probably a good show? I'm thinking I should get my arse along to one in 2019 Figuring you lot would be able to enlighten me on to which meeting is the best one and why? Might as well get the inside info after...

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    Jatz's travels

    Thread Starter: JATZ

    Hello :wavey: I thought it was about time I started posting some trip stuff again. It's been a while, and I've been clocking up a few K's and been on a bit of a journey :yeah: so thought I'd share with the group I'll start with my trip to the Brass and beyond and may add some other stuff as it...

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    Classics on Trade Me

    Thread Starter: Voltaire

    30's meets modern BMW http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=950908075 Nice Monza http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=948469965

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    sidecar bob

    RC30 What does this mean?

    Thread Starter: sidecar bob

    I've been stripping a RC30 today to recommission as a post classic race bike. It has these markings on the head. It's probably an engine builders mark. Does anybody know the origins or significance? Thanks.

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    Mr. Peanut

    Who ruined kiwibiker?

    Thread Starter: Mr. Peanut

    This site used to crackle with activity, now it feels like a graveyard. All went downhill after they banned WINJA :yes:

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    Suzuki V Strom for 2020- a new level of ugly

    Thread Starter: MD

    I always look forward to the EICMA Milan show to see what exciting new toys we are in for. Unfortunately I can't un-see this disaster of styling. Suzuki describe it as a new level of "all new" Sorry Guys I describe it as a new level of ugly Back to the drawing boards and this time be sober or...

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    Handle bar extension for phones

    Thread Starter: Boostinu13

    Hello, not sure what you call it but a handle bar mini extention? that i can put a bolt through? Kind of like this https://www.wish.com/product/5c6fa17e4ddceb66b839ff0f but doesnt take 2 months to arrive haha. My ninjas outside handle bars do not really have room for a phone / GPS holder,...

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    GT 185 charging issue

    Thread Starter: JBDR

    Hi all, recently got a gt 185 two stroke from 1975. It's been a blast to ride around so far. However, It's become apparent that there is a charging issue. If anyone has experience with this issue and hw to fix it, let me know.

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    Finally identified and eliminated the "clonk" "clonk" from my 2001 R6 fairing

    Thread Starter: Odakyu-sen

    Ever since I bought my 2001 R6 new from Red Barron back in December 2001, there was always a "clonk" in the front fairing. It seemed to come from somewhere behind the instruments. it was a bit of a non-problem because out on the open road with ear plugs and the wind roar, I would hardly ever notice...

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