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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    MotoGP 2020

    Thread Starter: merv

    Okay I'll start the new year's thread this time to save jellywrestler doing it. So Alex Marquez is now confirmed as Marc's team mate at Repsol Honda. It will be interesting to see how he goes in the first tests later today as he hasn't really set the other classes alight like his older brother...

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    the clean two-stroke thread

    Thread Starter: Haufen

    As our beloved two-strokes are likely to disappear in the not so distant future, this thread shall serve as pool a for anything clean two-stroke related. The goal of this thread is to provide information, share the latest news and publications on two-stroke technology and discuss possible ways...

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    Helmet cam / bike cam

    Thread Starter: BarryM

    Hi everybody, First post from beginner rider... I am looking for advice on helmet cam or bike mounted cam. Helmet mounted? Frame/bars mounted? Battery operated or hard wired? Also any advice on quality makes?

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    2021 TT2000 is on!!

    Thread Starter: wpoll

    Greetings! Had enough of being told by "Mum" that you need to stay at home? Well, now you can make good use of the time by planning your 2021 TT2000 ride! :-) The 2021 TT2000 is now open for entries... https://www.tt2000.org/ Have at it... :Punk:

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    Wire colour matching

    Thread Starter: NZIrish

    Have some aftermarket indicators with blue a green and a white wires.........my suzuki bike has a black and a black and white wire out of the indicators, any advice please on what matches what

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    Engine oil brands?!

    Thread Starter: mnishi

    So I’ve been looking at some brands and Motul seems to that bike specific oil brand. I’ve also seen Penrite have motorcycle oil too, motul 10w 40 7100 is $130 whereas Penrite 10w 40 full synthetic is $50. What’s everyone’s view on this?

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    Thread Starter: human_dishwasher

    Hi guys, my girlfriend and I(We both girls) just got motorcycle learners license and ready to buy our first motorbike. We basically just gonna share the bike to go to work or to go around town. We have 2 options for the bike so far, Suzuki GN125H and GSX150. My girlfriend like the look of the...

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  • Mom

    by Published on 29th August 2010 12:41
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    3. ACC Levy News

    It is with great pleasure we announce the arrival of MAG-NZ to the biker scene in New Zealand. While our official launch date is October 3rd 2010 we have launched our website today and invite you to come in and find out a bit more about us.


    Motorcycle Action Group of New Zealand (MAG-NZ) has been formed by bikers, for bikers and promises a new era of meaningful and purposeful representation for bikers in New Zealand.

    As the name suggests MAG-NZ is about Action.

    As an organisation we are committed to upholding bikers freedoms, and resisting imposed restrictions and laws which impede those freedoms.

    We will do so actively, we will not passively accept the eroding of our legal right to ride. MAG-NZ believes that bikers themselves understand, and are responsible for, the actions that are required to ensure their freedoms. We will not wait for others to do our job for us.

    MAG-NZ believes there are 3 levels of action required;

    • Personal;
    • Local;
    • National.

    As an organisation MAG-NZ is committed to all three.

    We also see the sense in belonging to an international group, committed to similar ideas. MAG-NZ has the support and backing of MAG-UK and will use the resources this affiliation brings to ensure we achieve our goals.

    So, do not ask what MAG-NZ can do for you, rather, what can you do for your fellow bikers?

    Membership of MAG-NZ is open to anyone regardless of what they ride. You don't even have to be a motorcycle owner - if you simply have "an interest" in motorcycles or things motorcycling we welcome your membership.
    Join us today!
    by Published on 18th November 2009 06:54
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    Sunday Breakfast/Brunch anyone?

    Where: Mission Bay

    When: Sunday November 22

    Time: 8:00am onwards

    Fancy a coffee and a bite to eat, while keeping this ACC issue in the public face? Join us for coffee and breakfast at Mission Bay. Get in early and find yourself a carpark. Yes folks a carpark. Make sure you have change for the parking fees if any. One bike per park please. Then take a leisurely stroll to the nearest cafe and get a coffee and something to eat. Take your time, relax, enjoy your brunch.

    Please find a park on the street front first, followed by the carpark opposite the Fish Pot Cafe, then moving down to the other one as numbers build. We will be assembling around the fountain to make a bit of noise, this will kick off at 8:30am. After the rebel rousing we will then be free to go and enjoy our brunch.

    If we do it right, there wont be any parking for cars available, highlighting the fact that if these bastards tax us off the roads, we will be forced to "drive" a car, and there will be no parking available anywhere. We also will be supporting the local businesses so they are not disadvantaged because of this protest action.

    At all times this will be a peaceful gathering, we are not out to upset anyone, we just want to make a point. Please ensure you do support the businesses after we have made our point. Talk to people about why we are so angry.

    Bring your noise makers, this one is going to be LOUD!

    Hand out leaflets to the general public letting them know we are fighting this fight for all of us, dont forget WHOS NEXT?

    A few rousing rounds of our battle cry from time to time would not go amiss either.


    Flyer in this post. Please print and distribute at liberty!

    by Published on 15th May 2008 12:03
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    Saturday June 28th

    A series of rides have been organised around New Zealand for the dual purpose of raising funds for local Rescue Helicopter Services and to bring the Cheese Cutter issue back into the public eye.

    Please look at the threads below and make the effort to support this event!


    In Auckland

    In Auckland 9am - Botany Honda
    In Tauranga 11:30am - Bayride Motorcycles
    In Rotorua 1:00pm - Bike Force
    In Hamilton 3:00pm - Boyd Motorcycles
    In Auckland 5:30pm - Mechanics Bay - if you are intending to meet the ride back in Auckland can you please look here and register your attendance (OSH requirement for Helicopter base) http://www.kiwibiker.co.nz/forums/sh...ad.php?t=74627

    In Hawkes Bay

    In Napier 11:00am - Five Star Suzuki

    In Manawatu

    In Palmerston North 10:30am - Phill Turnbulls Motorcycles

    In Nelson/Marlborough

    Richmond A & P Showgrounds 10:00am

    In Canterbury

    Meet 10am Belfast Pub

    In Dunedin

    MCR (Motorcycle Replacements) at 11:00am