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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    Oddball engines and prototypes

    Thread Starter: husaberg

    As the title says........

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    A Revival Mission...

    Thread Starter: Grumph

    If it's good enough for Sidecar Bob to have to revive the odd RC30 or OW01 I thought I'd better start another project.... This is my EX500 Kawasaki based F3 bike. Usually ridden by Mark Taylor, it led Nationals, should have won at least one...Should have won Wanganui (arm pump...) But did win...

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    Your first bike.

    Thread Starter: Yokomama

    Having been a car guy for about as long as I’ve been allowed to drive, I’ve only recently come over to the correct number of wheels. I’m more aiming at the older crowd here - I respect such experience. Everyone remembers their first bike. Right? My grandad had a triumph tiger cub - the one...

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    South Island ride report

    Thread Starter: Blackbird

    Well at last we've got off our butts and done a proper write-up of the South Island tour that four of us KB'ers did in March with a couple of our partners. Jantar thought that we should post it on KB as it might have wider interest than just us reading it on cold nights through the winter! For...

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    GSX-R1000 long time dream came true yesterday...

    Thread Starter: manyrevs

    Yesterday, after so many years of wanting to own a top end 1000cc sports bike, I finally went and picked up a new GSX-R1000/A.. The Suzuki Summerfest or whatever you call it, did me a world of good in helping me to finally own one of them, with its very low prices. Of course it was only the R1000...

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    Any Brutale 675 owners in here?

    Thread Starter: FlangMasterJ

    Considering one but would like to hear from any owners or someone whose had a chance to ride one.

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    Benelli TRK 502x or Honda CRF250L

    Thread Starter: matt_77

    Hi folks Wanting to hear from others on any of these bikes. Looking at a return to riding after a 3-year absence and am wanting something for the occasional commute, would like to get in to more off-road fun around the Waikato. Have a budget of $10K I’m trying to work to. Am a shortie, 165cm,...

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    Moving to Switzerland with a Restricted Motorcycle license

    Thread Starter: blkrange360

    Good Afternoon, Hoping someone can pass on some knowledge for me. Later this year im moving to Switzerland and currently only have my restricted license. I cant get my full before i leave unfortunately. Can i convert a restricted license over there into anything or do i have to start from...

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    Front sprocket loose problem on honda crm 250r

    Thread Starter: jamaica

    i like to know if there is some thing mising on front sprocket. i have a noys like is there is a mising woser.

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  • Community News

    by Published on 29th August 2010 12:41
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    It is with great pleasure we announce the arrival of MAG-NZ to the biker scene in New Zealand. While our official launch date is October 3rd 2010 we have launched our website today and invite you to come in and find out a bit more about us.


    Motorcycle Action Group of New Zealand (MAG-NZ) has been formed by bikers, for bikers and promises a new era of meaningful and purposeful representation for bikers in New Zealand.

    As the name suggests MAG-NZ is about Action.

    As an organisation we are committed to upholding bikers freedoms, and resisting imposed restrictions and laws which impede those freedoms.

    We will do so actively, we will not passively accept the eroding of our legal right to ride. MAG-NZ believes that bikers themselves understand, and are responsible for, the actions that are required to ensure their freedoms. We will not wait for others to do our job for us.

    MAG-NZ believes there are 3 levels of action required;

    • Personal;
    • Local;
    • National.

    As an organisation MAG-NZ is committed to all three.

    We also see the sense in belonging to an international group, committed to similar ideas. MAG-NZ has the support and backing of MAG-UK and will use the resources this affiliation brings to ensure we achieve our goals.

    So, do not ask what MAG-NZ can do for you, rather, what can you do for your fellow bikers?

    Membership of MAG-NZ is open to anyone regardless of what they ride. You don't even have to be a motorcycle owner - if you simply have "an interest" in motorcycles or things motorcycling we welcome your membership.
    Join us today!
    by Published on 24th August 2010 11:42
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    From Daniel's Dad:

    This e-mail is to let you know that Daniel Mettam has been fortunate enough to be selected (along with appx 40 other kids from around the world) to a two day trial in 3 weeks time in Spain, for the Red Bull Rookies Cup Championship for 2011 - A few lucky Riders from this trial will be chosen to ride in Europe in 2011 in the Red Bull Rookies Cup (13-17 yr olds) as the curtain raiser to the (European rnds) of MotoGP events - We have only just received confirmation of this 3 days ago & accordingly are trying to raise sufficient funds over the next 9 days to help get him there...

    We are looking for donations either personally or through your work/business or associations ranging from $20 to $500 - We have set up an account in Daniel's name to accept these donations being: - 03 0252 0457330 25 (D K B Mettam) - If you could put your name as a reference against the D/credit so we can thank you in due course & we will also keep you posted over the next 9 days as to how we go with our fundraising goal. If necessary chq's (made out to Daniel Mettam) can be posted to my P.O Box

    This is a massive opportunity for a Kiwi kid & we are very excited for him & no matter what we know he will go there & give it his best attempt. He has worked so hard in this sport over the past 15 months & was accepted as one of the final riders from his overall application
    Some background for you

    Daniel Mettam - DOB 27/02/96 - aged 14
    First rode motorbike aged 4 yrs old. Raced motocross till aged 13 when by chance he got a scholarship with the Vic Motorcycle Club to ride a Streetstock Bike in their Winter Series in 2009 - Finished last in his first ever race on tarseal at Taupo A1 track in May 2009 - By July 2010 had won around 17 races in the last 9 mths in different classes of road racing including 125GP bike - Broke Taupo lap record 3 times in streetstock class in March/April 2010 - Holder of Hampton Downs lap record in Streetstock class....
    July 2010 - Starts racing a 125GP bike with Wolf Pack Racing after a few mths testing August 2010 - Accepted as final trialist at Red Bull Rookies Cup trial in Spain for Sept 2010

    If you are able to help us in any manner it would be greatly appreciated -
    As you know i'm happy to answer any queries around this - (contact details below) For info on the cup trial see http://www.redbullrookiescup.com/con...hp?page=s_info - From here you can click on the bike they will trial on etc etc ....

    We really hope Daniel can get the job done on the day & make a whole lot more people as proud of him as we are....

    Glenn Mettam
    Ph 09-818-4342
    Mobile 021-902-849
    P.O Box 20-281,
    Glen Eden 0641
    by Published on 23rd December 2009 22:29
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    Hi all

    Letting you know that Roadsafe Motorcycle Riding Techniques Ltd are now permanently based in Nelson!!

    I am a NZTA qualified Motorcycle Riding Instructor & a member of the NZIDE (NZ Institute of Driver Educators)

    Learn the latest techniques in road riding safety from Nelsons most experienced and respected rider training organization. Our company has over 15 years road rider training experience and trained over 15,000 people. We specialize in road riding skills, accident reduction and risk management techniques.

    Rider training is important for new riders to learn correct technique and good habits, for experienced riders to periodically review their riding style and continue upskilling, and for returning riders to update and refresh their skills.

    • Learn To Ride, and Basic Handling Skills options to get your learners licence
    • Motorcycle Hire for learners
    • Coaching to help you learn essential skills to pass your Restricted and Full Licence tests
    • Advanced Refresher Courses
    • DIY Motorcycle Maintenance
    • On-Road Riding Assessments – prior to your Restricted/Full practical licence tests
    • Specialist courses tailored to specific group or corporate needs
    • Information pack for learner riders

    Any questions/enquiries, please call: Jen 027 2015064

    Happy riding!!!

    by Published on 14th October 2009 16:00
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    Next BRONZ (Auckland) meeting is 21st Oct.

    7:30 pm . Rockridge Road, Penrose. Place is called the Danish House. Parking out front.

    Major agenda item will , of course, be ACC levies, and possible responses to them. It'd be nice to see a few more than the half dozen stalwarts there. But I'm not holding my breath.

    If there is a good attendance, the Chairman will be enforcing rather more of a formal meeting process than usual, just to stop things getting out of hands.

    A few ground rules for said meeting may as well be played through now:

    1. We all know it's evil and unfair. No point preaching to the choir. So, no speeches along those lines. (Just because of time constraints)
    2. We all know that bike accidents are caused by cagers. Or not. So unless you have evidence none of us know about, again, no preaching to the choir.
    3. Personally, I'm receptive to direct action. But some degree of realism is required. So no explosives etc
    4. What IS required is reasons WHY we shouldn't pay what ACC *claim* we cost. Factual. Specific. So if you know something, or you are good at crunching statistics, that might be useful.
    5. If it does come to something formal, only financial paid up BRONZ members get to vote (though I wouldn't expect such formality).
    6. We aren't going to convince the Government to abolish ACC, or totally change the way it operates. Politics is the art of the possible. So the chairman will cut short any discussions along such lines. Which includes philosophical debate on whether ACC should be privatised or not.

    The chairman (I'm told) is a grumpy old cunt. Try not to rile him too much.

    BRONZ (Wellington) does not exist . So if anyone can volunteer to coordinate matters in the capital, that might be good.
    by Published on 13th September 2009 19:04
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    The Group Ride Guide

    Group rides. Many like minded individuals meet up to share their passion for sport, ride some excellent roads, enjoy the company of old and meet new friends and talk shit. Unfortunately, all too often however these excursions are marred by an accident – or worse, we lose a friend.
    Make no mistake it is a dangerous game we play at the best of times, but there are some things particular to group rides that can catch out the unwary.

    An approach was made to the wise and powerful Mental Trousers to try and find a way to bring together a group of folk from a broad spectrum of KB and see if we could reach a consensus on these factors and what could be done to mitigate them.

    What follows is the fruit of those discussions. A set of guidelines which we hope, if adopted and followed will go some way toward reducing the risks associated with group rides and make them more enjoyable for all participants.

    It is hoped that organisers will state that rides will be run in accordance with The Group Ride Guide and provide a link to this in their announcement and/or calendar event posts. It is anticipated that the guidelines can not cover every situation nor should all be applicable to every ride. But please, let people know what to expect so that they may make an informed decision as to whether they should attend the ride or not.

    I won’t name names, I think MT has access to a list of all participants, and some, for various reasons wished to remain anonymous. As you know, trying to get consensus on any given topic from more than a couple of people can be difficult, so for my part I would like to thank everyone for their co-operation, time, effort, ideas and constructive input. Well done guys.

    The Group Ride Guide
    by Published on 5th July 2009 14:04
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    Garry Albrett Cliffhanger Promotions RIP

    It is with much regret that I must inform that Garry Albrett of Carterton has passed away.

    Garry suffered a heart attack this morning and did not regain consciousness.

    Garry was well known as the chairman of Cliffhanger Promotions. He and his wife Dina were the driving force behind the triannual motorcycle sprints and cliffhanger hillclimb. They both worked tirelessly on these events and Garry will be sorely missed.

    Garry's funeral will be held on Wednesday 8 July 2009, 11.00am ( arrive there at least 10.45am) at the Anglican Church, corner of High Street and Richmond Road, Carterton. (southern end of shopping centre)

    To all that knew Garry, helped with the Cliffhanger and sprints, or competed at them, it would be appreciated if as many as possible could attend on their bikes to give Garry a worthy send off.

    For those leaving from the Hutt side of the hill, I suggest meeting at Caltex Rimutaka at about 9.30am to leave at 9.45am.
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