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    by Published on 29th August 2010 12:41
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    It is with great pleasure we announce the arrival of MAG-NZ to the biker scene in New Zealand. While our official launch date is October 3rd 2010 we have launched our website today and invite you to come in and find out a bit more about us.


    Motorcycle Action Group of New Zealand (MAG-NZ) has been formed by bikers, for bikers and promises a new era of meaningful and purposeful representation for bikers in New Zealand.

    As the name suggests MAG-NZ is about Action.

    As an organisation we are committed to upholding bikers freedoms, and resisting imposed restrictions and laws which impede those freedoms.

    We will do so actively, we will not passively accept the eroding of our legal right to ride. MAG-NZ believes that bikers themselves understand, and are responsible for, the actions that are required to ensure their freedoms. We will not wait for others to do our job for us.

    MAG-NZ believes there are 3 levels of action required;


    As an organisation MAG-NZ is committed to all three.

    We also see the sense in belonging to an international group, committed to similar ideas. MAG-NZ has the support and backing of MAG-UK and will use the resources this affiliation brings to ensure we achieve our goals.

    So, do not ask what MAG-NZ can do for you, rather, what can you do for your fellow bikers?

    Membership of MAG-NZ is open to anyone regardless of what they ride. You don't even have to be a motorcycle owner - if you simply have "an interest" in motorcycles or things motorcycling we welcome your membership.
    Join us today!
    by Published on 7th January 2010 14:31
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    BRONZ (Auckland) held its first meeting of 2010 last night, and confirmed its position regarding ACC levies .

    BRONZ has outstanding and ongoing concerns about :

    • The size of the levy (for large bikes in particular), and the probability of large increases next time round.
    • Separate cc classifications
    • The problem of multi vehicle ownership

    BRONZ confirmed its three objectives

    Abolition of the separate motorcycle classification
    Abolition of cc distinction
    Abolition of statutory full funding requirement

    (achieving no 1 would automatically eliminate no 2 , but they were both kept because no 2 may be a stepping stone to no 1)

    BRONZ also confirmed its opinion that a fairer method of collection should be established.

    BRONZ considered specific actions for Q1 2010.

    No specific BRONZ organised protest action is planned for Q1, but BRONZ will continue to endorse protests that meet BRONZ criteria (legal, not having disruption as the primary reason, though recognising that protest usually entails some disruption to someone)

    BRONZ will undertake a program of education and persuasion targeted at the public and at decision makers and influencers, focused on the objectives above. These targets include National and Labour MPs, media, and the general and motorcycling public

    BRONZ will review specific protest action (ie megaphones, bikes on the road) as ACC actions or events provide a 'hook' to centre protest action on - noting that the next such event is likely to be the release of the report of the ACC Stocktake Group, forecast for March

    BRONZ also noted the invidious position of the AA as regards motorcycles and resolved to communicate concerns to the AA.
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