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    ESE's works engine tuner

    Thread Starter: TZ350

    . This is Thomas a Vietnamese race mechanic, you know that place where they have all those hot 50's and 125's are big bikes. Thomas, ESE's Race Team's Tuner is fettling number 9. adjusting the port timing for Taupo. Its hard to see but he has taped a degree wheel to the magneto flywheel...

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    Oddball engines and prototypes

    Thread Starter: husaberg

    As the title says........

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    Classics on Trade Me

    Thread Starter: Voltaire

    30's meets modern BMW http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=950908075 Nice Monza http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=948469965

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    MotoGP 2019

    Thread Starter: jellywrestler

    I haven't been to a Moto GP as yet and reckon given others enthusiasm for them they're probably a good show? I'm thinking I should get my arse along to one in 2019 Figuring you lot would be able to enlighten me on to which meeting is the best one and why? Might as well get the inside info after...

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    Africa Twin 2016 DCT

    Thread Starter: caseye

    OK, KBérs, I'm seriously looking at one of these,ridden a lot of bikes these last couple of years, only the Scout and this have come close. First up, does anyone have experience of this particular motorcycle, good, bad, the ugly. It's done less than 10 K had 1 owner and rides awesome....

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    What to do with a CBR1000RR in Wellington?

    Thread Starter: Josh

    Hey guys, I'm South African, immigrating to NZ, hopefully Wellington. Considering that in NZ the average speed limit is 50km/h, most of the highways I travelled on were 70km/h, and out in the middle of nowhere on the South Island the limits were 100km/h... thats significantly less than South...

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    Check a bike in Whanganui for me please ?

    Thread Starter: Euro2018

    I'm looking at buying a Honda ST1100 in Whanganui, 4 hours from me. Is there someone here who would be interested in taking a look at it for me please ? I've seen photos and spoken with the seller, really all I need now is someone to ride it and make sure it's not stuffed and inspect the swing...

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    kelford cams- gsxr1000 speedway camgrind- ? anyone used it ?

    Thread Starter: Temporary-Kiwi

    Hi, I'm getting kelford to put this grind on some cams I'm putting in my gsx-s1000, I know they have been used plenty in speedway sidebars, anyone else had experience with them ? I asked them for recommendations for a fast road grind, I.e a wide power and with plenty of torque, that is what they...

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    Which bike do i buy

    Thread Starter: Glen1

    Hi, I am a first time biker in NZ. I want to buy a bike to travel to work from Albany to Henderson for now. On my current budget I am thinking between Aprilla 150 and Honda Shadow 150. I am 49 but my 14 year old son wants me to pick the Aprilla ( you can guess why). Please let me know which is...

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    BMW f800gs EWS Fault with low beam light on .

    Thread Starter: Bams

    I have a problem I'm trying to solve . I went to start bike after a stint of not using it and turn key on no start. SYMTHOMS -EWS on dash, -No neutral -No gear neutral indicated on dash. -No fuel pump sound -Low beam' is on which is not normal .

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    IMG 20180827 1400455 Speedies are just not built for luggage. Gotta put the Mrs waterproofs somewhere handy now in UK :-(
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