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Thread: How to get a deregistered bike on the road

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    All the helpful info I read here assumes you have some sort of history for your bike. I have just bought a 1967 Triumph. The guy bought it as boxes of bits from the previous owner. Neither the guy I bought it off or the previous 2 owners ever had plates or papers. It was bought as a frame a and parts as a Conrod had let go and smashed the original cases. So I have no way to prove the vehicle was previously registered in NZ. The guy 2 owners ago got some second hand cases for it but never got around to assembling it, nor did the guy I bought it off. As far as I can ascertain the bike has been in bits for well over 20 years.
    So, where do I start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratfink View Post
    So, where do I start.
    with the frame number

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