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Thread: CDMTCI Manfeild Track Day, 9 January 2010

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    CDMTCI Manfeild Track Day, 9 January 2010

    CDMTCI Manfeild Track Day, 9 January 2010

    Yes folks, it's that time again, time for another blat around the track at Manfeild.

    Just $50 per person. Slow, medium, fast and race sessions.
    All glass to be taped, bikes to be of WOF standard.
    Full bike gear (gloves, helmet, boots, riding pants and jacket) to be worn.
    Valid driver's licence to be produced on the day.
    One bike/one rider.

    Scrutineering starts at 8.30am.
    Maximum number of 120 bikes, first in first served. NO prebookings.

    This is arguably New Zealand's cheapest and best-run track day, just ask anyone who's been to one in the last 20 years!

    For more information, please contact club president Andrew Pugh on 0274 463 870.
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    Can't wait
    Warmed the tyres up this weekend and just off now for a pre-meeting blast around the block

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