For Sale: Brand new & factory sealed shark Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone headset system. There are 2 headsets included in this system for 2 riders. This is perfect for motorcycle riders, clubs, and skiers.
This is a very high end system as it allows 3 riders to connect to each other at a time (of course you will have to buy another system to get to 3). The range that the 2 riders can connect to is unheard of 1640 feet (500 meters). This system is fully weather protected.

* Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist
* It can pair "rider to rider" or "rider to pillion".
* It can pair 3 interphones at a time, and easily switch to any 2 of them.
* Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone or MP3 Stereo music
* 500 meters Intercom range for drivers and passengers
* Up to 120km/h speed
* Up to 7 hours talking time
* Auto receiving cell phone calls
* Fits any motorcycle helmet
* Fully weather protected
* Wind and noise compensating microphone with super-slim speaker.
* Safer driving while talking with a friend
* Play stereo music from your mobile phone
It can also be used as a Bluetooth headset and a wireless music headset while you not riding.

Some people are selling this exact same product for over $700.

For a video of how to use this product take a look at this youtube video

Comes with 2 stereo headphones with attached mic, 2 bluetooth units, 2 USB charger.

Cost: $230