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Thread: GN250 tyres?

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    26th October 2010 - 21:38
    2007 Suzuki GN 250
    Sweet thanks I'll give it a shot then, anythings got to be better than the stock rubber

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    Quote Originally Posted by DangerousBastard View Post
    For ages we stressed about fitting a 160/60 in place of a 150/70 (this was a rear on the hyo's) and all the tire shops frowned and glared at us for even asking, so we kept getting second opinions. One morning I was forced to fit one because I had a GT250 whose wheels had to go around that afternoon and only a spare half-worn 160/60. The result? It was mint. Now we fit the (awesome) Michelin PR2's (160/60+120/60) to the Hyo 250's and recommend everyone does the same.

    Moral of the story - if the tire is in the ballpark and you can get it on the rim, just fit the tyre and try it.
    What are the rim sizes on your Hyosung?
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    5th February 2008 - 13:07
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    Quote Originally Posted by RDjase View Post
    What are the rim sizes on your Hyosung?
    Just standard 17" hyo rims. There will be one at the dealer if you want to do a detailed measure up.
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    24th January 2019 - 21:40
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    City demons

    Quote Originally Posted by MaxCannon View Post
    The city demons I had on my GN250 were excellent.
    It would drag the pegs no worries and wet grip was improved 100 times over the stock rubber.
    Quote Originally Posted by ClutchITUP View Post
    Yeah city demons
    By the way I have an '07 GN 250 for my woman and just fitted her with City Demons. They also say tubeless、rim looks tubeless to me (no spokes). Can I fit them tubeless or I have to use tubes?

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