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Thread: Yamaha NXC125 20,000km

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedpro View Post
    Went for a ride in the weekend with my son on his Yamaha Scorpio. He followed the whole way up through Swanson to Taupaki and then Blossoms Cafe. The Scorpio is good for 18hp(claimed) and he was saying the scooter walked away from him in places despite him being in the right gear and giving it a handful. He's done a bit of racing so knows what you need to do to get along. He doesn't weigh much either so all the better. Away from lights on the way to Swanson he reckons no way he was staying with the scooter. No surprises really.
    Starting is way better with the new clutch and gear and it still goes off the clock plus a decent bit more so it's still fun to ride.
    Glad to hear its going well
    How about a pic ?
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    Page 5 has a lot of the new motor bits on it. Otherwise the scooter looks pretty normal except the exhaust and the oil cooler

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