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Thread: MB100 development

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    19th October 2007 - 20:22
    im a dreamer.
    Thanks guys :-D i need to read this whole thread again.. iv forgotten stuff and its not good


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    Quote Originally Posted by husaberg View Post
    I have not seen Koba post for ages is he sprogging or something..
    Yes, it has been quite some time!

    Life's been a bit hectic but not in sproggy ways.

    So, I can offer a bit of an update on some things that may be of interest to people reading this thread.
    I'll give the summary version and maybe get in to more detail later.

    The standard MB
    Rode one around for a while, loved it.
    Put it on a Dyno with a decent rep for accuracy (Sketchy's dyno).
    It told me 9 at the wheel, sounds about right.

    I found a sticky tyre option for skinny 18's, PM me for details - Ideally in the next week or so as after that it might be a while until I log in again.

    The MB125
    I stumbled upon one of the big-bore kits linked earlier in this thread in a swap of some parts that didn't really go my way.
    Once I got a chance to take a close look, I basically wrote it off as a race cylinder as it had what looked like very inadequate inlet area.

    So, I had a road MB100 that I had going just for fun. It was OK for commuting on and quite usable, especially in slow traffic.
    One day it spat the muffler baffle out the back of it on a 'high speed' (perfectly legal) run.
    I re-made this and it worked fine for a long time.
    Quite some time later, I was riding home at full throttle in top gear (over 90kph!) for about 5 minutes, I finally found out that baffle was a touch too restrictive.
    It was quite an impressive blow-up with the ring-land ripped out of the side of the piston.

    Anyway, I decided to put the 57mm kit on to the bottom end (now with a 6 speed).
    I'm mocked this up earlier with an RD250 reed block and a Mikuni TM24 carb.
    I found an old pipe, the RG400 one I started with.

    I goes great!

    I'm not sure of the horsepower, it's probably somewhere around 16-18.
    I still haven't got the jetting just right, I need a different needle but can't find many of the advertised ones for sale.
    It's running the standard MB ignition.
    I used the standard cab manifold but modified it to take the 24mm carb with a 'frits style' manifold of 2 plates and an O ring.
    I run an air filter, oil pump and kick start on this one.
    Running the cylinder as low as I can I get 187deg on the exhaust which seems to be about right for a road bike.

    I might nylon it up and give it a go on the track, would be interesting to compare this to the 'old nail'.

    This ends up at a a touch over 126cc so legal in bucket terms if used with a 24mm carb and the now popular interpretation of the rules that a non-race aftermarket barrel is OK.

    Where the liner ends
    I got speedpro's old sidecar engine for a bottle of red wine in a bizzare trade.
    It was so cheap as it was no longer useful for racing, being a 'little' over-sized.
    Somewhere along the way it had blown up badly, the cylinder had been re-created and replaced, then blown up again and an oversized version added.
    When I first encountered this one it was still in the sidecar but only being used for 'demo laps' with no other rigs to race against.
    I guess somewhere there it didn't really matter that it ended up at a whopping 54.5mm.
    I suspect the liner is paper thing though, it's actually got a bit of an odd pattern that may be the thin part.

    This may end up in the road bike, just for fun.
    Plenty of other things to do before then.

    The Dirtbike MB100
    I made a dirtbike version.
    I won't tell the full story but it was crap, then OK, then crap. I ripped this up to make the 125 so may revisit it some time.

    More soon, maybe
    Heinz Varieties

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    RG50 and 76 Suzuki GP125 Buckets
    I love this thread!

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