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Thread: Assault with a blunt instrument

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    Assault with a blunt instrument

    She drives into him with the car and it is only assault with a blunt instrument! Haven't they heard that being hit with a ton or two of steel, plastic and rubber can kill you. Perhaps she wasn't going fast enough to qualify for assault with a deadly instrument

    I reckon he would have a case of self defence if they charge him. Ok the scooter is a useless defence weapon but we know that you are not allowed to use anything affective like
    Police say a woman ran over her partner's son who then smashed her car with a child's scooter.

    The woman, 27, allegedly struck the 24-year-old son of her partner with her car outside a Masterton address, spraining his ankle.

    The man then reacted by picking up a child's scooter, striking the woman's vehicle several times with it, police say.

    Sergeant Mike Sutton said the incident started out as an argument between the two at 10am on Friday at the Vivian St address of the woman's partner and his adult son.

    ''The [alleged offender] has then got in a vehicle and driven the vehicle at the victim, hitting him and knocking him over.''

    The victim then got to his feet, picked up a child's scooter and started striking the woman's car with it.
    Police were called soon after by the woman as she drove from the property, Mr Sutton said.

    The man was later taken to Wairarapa Hospital where he was treated for the sprain.

    The woman was arrested and charged with assault with a blunt instrument and will appear in Masterton District Court at a later date.

    Mr Sutton said police were considering laying a charge of wilful damage against the 24-year-old man.
    Talk about old enough to be your father, there is only 3 year between the ages of the guy's son and his partner, wonder what the real problem was here?

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    The charge probably has to injuries he got, i would imagine she would get done with assault with a vehicle if she did more than just sprain his ankle

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneofsix View Post
    Talk about old enough to be your father, there is only 3 year between the ages of the guy's son and his partner, wonder what the real problem was here?
    Secret lover's spat?
    Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behaviour does.

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    Masterton. Doubtless they were double teaming her.

    I wouldnt touch her with yours.
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