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Thread: Internet/phone scam

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    I had one on Saturday from a woman of asian accent.

    I had nothing to do and managed to keep her talking for over 10 minutes before she finally got pissed off enough to give up.

    She started with a patter about "am I the main computer user and am I monitorring my security". After several minutes of me asking lots of noobie type questions we go to right clicking on My Computer. To questions like, what menu items to you see, I answered like "the normal list, yes everything is there".

    She started to sound a bit grumpy and finally hung up when I chuckled at one of my own answers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba_Steve View Post
    see having cell as my only "home phone" I miss out on this fun. I have 7 "operating" computers (something like 11 total) I could have some fun with the "which one?" followed by the "oh this software doesn't seem to work on OSX/Linux/Win98 etc what should I do?"
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    Haven't had one for a while but I did keep one talking for nearly an hour one night....bored with the TV. They were very professional sounding and had answers for everything I said including being prepared to give me an address to send my cheque to and suggesting I borrow the money so they could fix my computer. After the lady had spent ages, her Supervisor came on and tried the same thing. He started to get angry and even told me that they had spent more than 50 minutes trying to help me. Let them waste their money.

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