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Thread: Honda Lead (SCV) 100 drive belt

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    Honda Lead (SCV) 100 drive belt

    I'm lining up for the Transalping Scooter Safari this year and because my scoot had done 4500km I pulled the cover from the drive belt over weekend. Belt is looking a little worn (can see threads) and measures 15mm at widest point. While I've done more than a few km on bikes with chains I don't know what constitutes a worn CVT drive belt. Does anybody know how I can find out what factory spec for the belt width is? Searching on web found Gates and Dayco replacements but they both suggest different sizes. Marking on belt is 22100-gcc-77100-M1 (I need to check this - made note on wifes phone)

    Also keen to hear about best belt to replace it with. Guessing OEM is $$$ like most OEM parts. So if going after market - what shop in Chch and what brand/model/type of belt?

    Cheers R
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