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Thread: Cats

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    24th April 2016 - 19:07
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    Equally off topic... like you say rats are tricky - i had one that was near enough to a flatmate for months on end, a big f..ker with plenty of arrogance too. traps didn't work on him and i ended up having the 22 with me both upstairs in the living area or downstairs in the workshop, thinking it would be easier to fix a single hole than put up with his damage (2 in the morning its chew chew in the wall then water is pouring out from behind the gib . and the list goes on). so one evening i spotted him on the window ledge downstairs by the lathe - ok i think, if i have to get the window as well... last second he moved along a bit and snuck in to the back of the fridge (you could see him behind the condensor) - weighing up further sleep deprivation or a new fridge i decided its the rat at (almost) any cost. He was onto me though because everytime i was about to shoot him he'd wriggle in a bit more . next move was heaps of barricading with ply so the only way out was past the 22. i got the fire extinguisher handy then lit some news paper and slid it under the fridge and waited - sure enough he poked his nose out but saw me and went back into the workings... so we all know what the next stage is/was. next morning was spent cleaning Dry Powder off the lathe and amazingly on the window ledge were his powdery prints, he never came back though.

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