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Yeah considering the number of times riders have cracked 300 in past years it does seem odd. The road surface was fine, no bumps. There was no head wind on Sunday. The run up for the flying is a fair few kms, so heaps of room.

Someone turned up in the afternoon on a black S1000RR but didn't enter. WHY NOT? That's like going to the pub for a glass of water.

Many who cracked the 300 before did so on modified bikes, especially gearing, which doesn't count in my books as a fair comparison between models. Throw a 50cc scooter out of a plane and it will break 200kph. Where as most of us yesterday were stock I'd say.

I take it you mean the S1000RR is the only genuine 300kph bike in stock form? Aren't the MV312 and Hayabusa and ZX14R supposedly capable of 300?

Not for the last few years on the busa and zx
They both have wheel rev counter for of speedo tied into the traction control on the zx14.

this years busa is limited to 290kph and zx14r is 186mph 299.
These limits are done as per speedo and may not bee true travel speed also.
Both need re flashed on the ecu to exceed these speeds.

2012 zx14r stock re flashed is ment to do 330+ and busa is not far behind with a long enough straight.