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Thread: Thinking of getting vaccinated?

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    Final Batch of Pfizer Documents Released by FDA 800 Days After COVID Vaccine Approval
    Now, independent scientists and researchers can see everything the FDA saw when it made its decision that this vaccine was "safe and effective."
    Political correctness: a doctrine which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd from the clean end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post

    Final Batch of Pfizer Documents Released by FDA 800 Days After COVID Vaccine Approval
    Now, independent scientists and researchers can see everything the FDA saw when it made its decision that this vaccine was "safe and effective."
    First we have the opublication
    found to be at best misleading in its publications.

    At worst its far worse
    Since 2016, the Falun Gong-backed newspaper has used aggressive Facebook tactics and right-wing misinformation to create an anti-China, pro-Trump media empire.
    The Epoch Times is published in 21 languages, in 33 countries and has a huge following among anti-vaxxers and the far Right.
    The Epoch Times – an international media company founded in the US by followers of the Falun Gong religious sect.
    The Epoch Times directed millions of dollars in advertising toward supporting President Donald Trump’s campaign and published dozens of articles parroting his lies about the election — resulting in huge growth to its audience and its coffers.
    The strategy garnered criticism from fact-checking groups and got it banned from advertising on Facebook,
    Its funded through aggressive online and real-world marketing campaigns and big-money conservative donors,

    Then we have the author.
    who is a traditional naturopath who refuse to vaccinate her kids on religious grounds
    CHICAGO (CBS) -- Every fall, Megan Redshaw performs an unusual back to school ritual for her family. She fills out special paperwork, sits through doctors' visits and listens during informational sessions for each of her four school-aged children, all so they can attend school without their required vaccinations.

    Redshaw is one thousands of parents across Illinois claiming religious objections to vaccines. From Chicago to Peoria to downstate Quincy where she lives, there are now nearly 20,000 children whose parents say their faith prohibits them from vaccinating their children — almost two times the number that sought religious exemptions a decade ago.
    then we have you note what you have said previously.

    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post
    You are so full of shit that you going over the same crap over and over. It's not the science when you falsify (balance without disclosure) the facts. It is just simple lies told to manipulate the gullible (that's you).
    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post
    No need. It's just your comprehension that is out of whack.

    Put a frog in hot water it will jump out to save it self, but put it in cold water and slowly bring it to the boil and it won't even register in the frogs head that it is in trouble. It will happily boil to death.

    No matter how many times you whisper a warning in it's ear (via cranking up the temperature) the frog won't pay any attention. It will cook. May as well throw a hand grenade into the pot to try to wake the stupid fuckers up (like the shock of going from cold to hot in a big jump does). Maybe the blast will throw some of you out of the pot.
    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post
    The typical response of the ignorant but ever denying sheeple.

    When presented with solid factual evidence that the climate hoaxers (cLIEmate pseudo-scientists) have consistently fudged criteria of analysis and falsified factual data (re-balancing the scales) to suit the narrative of 'cLIEmate change/Global warming'. (Unpalatable evidence that suggests that the nipple they have so eagerly and innocently chugged on, is in fact a 'cock').

    Rather than succumb to a loss of face for being a cock sucker, or even attempting to debate the evidence, they reject it out of hand (swallow the load) then attempt to make themselves feel better about the niggling aftertaste by playing the player instead of the ball.

    As if casting aspersions on the players off field character somehow negates the fact that the player's adversary (the cock in your mouth) has consistently cheated and refused to wear protection multiple times and that the only line traversed by the adversary runs from your arse to your mouth.

    Don't be ashamed. Chug with pride.
    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post
    It's that comprehension thing getting in the way again, isn't it?

    You appear to be either too stupid or dishonest to avoid misinterpreting his amusing himself (at your expense), with something completely nonsensical that you can use to launch yourself into another series of underwhelming pirouettes of meaningless drivel.

    Well done you. No wonder you are so popular.
    Quote Originally Posted by flyingcrocodile46 View Post
    Squawk, 'where's your evidence' where's you evidence'. Christ! I have been through this many times. Idjits like yourself are full of questions when confronted by truth that they want to deny, yet never think to question the lies that they are comfortable with. It's just a time wasting exercise in futility to engage when the questioner (by his tone) is obviously just a wanker. I help people who are prepared to help themselves. You haven't even tried.

    As you're big on denying truth until it is evidenced as fact (not withstanding your apparent hypocrisy in accepting as truth, the non-factual alternative conspiracy that is spun by your puppet leaders who shouldn't be), why don't you run along and find some evidence to disprove the statements made in the first video. Real evidence mind you, not some hokey bullshit statement of claimed fact that lacks any real basis in facts to support it. In case you are having trouble understanding what that means, it means that you can't quote the entirely baseless bullshit that your ilk so readily hoover up.

    If that is too hard for you, go and find some real evidence that support the lies that you so readily swallow? If the shit you believe to be really true is really true, you won't have any trouble with that eh!

    My 'Put up or shut up' challenge to you, is to either present;
    (A) real evidence that the first video statements are lies, or
    (B) real evidence that supports the significant majority of the contrary scenario spun by main stream media.
    Then all those who witness your failure to present evidence will know who is full of shit eh!

    No! don't be a ball less weasel and try to slither out of the challenge by feigning a low IQ and simply quoting news articles/headlines that don't contain actual evidence to support their claims (the type that you have already clearly rejected). As that would be the hypocritical action of a flacid cock with a bull horn.
    Quote Originally Posted by Katman View Post
    I reminder distinctly .

    Kinky is using a feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken

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    Yeah God is Great.

    He created everything..

    But Jesus taught that you didn't need to follow the Jewish teachings of ritual hand washing.
    Seems he had a pretty poor understanding of germ theory. . . That he , by association created. . .

    The Jews and Muslims did better than the Christ(baa)ians during the regular plagues that have infested humans.

    That seems unfortunate.

    Anyway FC, you've proven such an inaccurate source- why do you think anyone would listen to you? No point clicking that link. It's no longer about being open minded. Not any more.

    You clearly are the Nutter.

    There there. Poor dear.
    I've been told. Dreaming`s free.
    Think I'll go, back to sleep.
    Everybody listen, voices in my head
    Everybody listen, do yours say, what mine says?

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