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Thread: Attention streetfighters

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    little over a month ago i wheelied my ride on the moorehouse rd bridge bothways threetimes ending with the finally up and over and down the otherside,no backbrake as that snaped off weekbefore and was 3weeks away also blitz a rx7 series4 from lights on the back wheel two gears same night,never really used bk brake for controlling my mono's for last two decades but have been starting to apply for the last year when i can remember to.. plan to shop for a bike to setup for fun and mahem in christchurch anyone up for it? my current ride of seven years two engines fliped it once and slid down a road, one complete recent rebuild .8.2013 [frame of job every nut and bolt] custom paint scheem, im going to retire into my garage in aucks and reserve it for ocasional thrashes its a 996sps with kustom extras anyway will bring my newride to c.c, a 1198s 2010 corse wont be stunting it cause the finance company owns as much of it as i do and last time in aucks christmass day i found wheelstanding it a little to twichy on the throttle[ ive ridded it less than 200k in 5months of owning it] ok i havnt auctually got to take it for a ride,im only getting home once a month and ridding it 20k or less as a comuter hence bringing it dwn south, akaroa gp and the likes of ! anyway back to my need to setup a bike for having some mahem,anyone up for it dwn here,was going to look for a controlled area get some permission to avoid trouble and break a leg trying,guys not trying to fill a big ego here just want a hobby that suits my interest no what i mean? holla bk if you thinking the same whateva your into trails mx or street lets meet and greet might be able to start somthing i was looking at a trails bike for starting on stopies and monos its priced round 2k gasgas 250 or ill shop for dereg accident damaged writeoffs which nowdays could mean scratched fairings,just got to bid againts dismantlers which isnt always the best,if youve got or know of a suitable bike holla bk thanks 1up5dwn.

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    Sweetas kiktrip me brfrnomo sumtims rols dat way. Yeh most loco's dun folo ws rollin. Ya fix ya break, mosttime datshit jus benback - but snaps hapn. I mis roln but hobbies get xpensiv n legs n shit. Titaniums out though so all good. Anywho chills. l8ts
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