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Thread: Dead laptop?

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    Unplug it from the wall, unplug the charger, take the battery out and put just the laptop without the battery in the freezer for 30 minutes.

    Take it out, put the battery in, plug the charger end into the laptop and wait 5 minutes. Then plug the power into the wall.

    Have a listen/look to see if it does anything weird before you turn it on.

    When you turn it on - listen to the hard-drive. Some acers don't display much of a POST as they have series of bypass screens. So all you might see is a cursor flash for a bit.

    I got the "Cold" restart theory from Acer support many years ago. Worked a treat on 3 old acers so far. Apparently rather than making it easier for the system to work, it makes it harder - but the support guy said they had a policy for many years to over-engineer stuff.....then put "power saving" green over a period of time the components try and get more and more efficient until they don't turn on.
    Unplugging the power supply from the wall and the unit for 30 minutes, then plugging it into discharged unit wakes up the psu.
    Leaving the batteryless laptop in the freezer discharges the caps, and forces the CMOS battery to discharge rapidly. So when the battery is put back in, it has to charge up the whole board (waking up the board and the battery).

    Never bothered to look at the exactly science of it to see if it was true. As it seemed to work.
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    Thank you guys for all the advice. Done full factory restore and it works perfectly again. Very Happy
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