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Thread: Classics on Trade Me

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    7th September 2009 - 09:47
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryDorsetCase View Post
    e's dreamin!!!! a brand new one is $19k!

    You could put a katana badge on a gn250 but that doesn’t make it a katana

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    15th February 2005 - 15:34
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonu View Post
    What calipers does yours have? pictures maybe.
    The shape of the outside of the caliper is a trapezoid shape rather than round.
    Quote Originally Posted by husaberk View Post
    Oh I must really irk you to be repeatedly proven to be a total utter moron in public.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katman View Post
    Neville's or Dave's?

    Mine was Neville's one.
    Oh ok , it was Dave's but I did put K's on a few of Nev's bikes too. (He was always building houses, no time.)
    (I think they won a six hour on the Katana 1100 together , which was nice for them.)

    Zippin over to Newcastle in Nov to catch up with Dave,lookin forward to that.

    You'd never go hungry with Nigella Gaz.
    If it weren't for flashbacks...I'd have no memory at all..

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