Story from a sheep shagger

This is all about getting myself fully fit and healthy again and back full time working, and there is no better way than beating pain, that training when you have a goal to achieve!

12th and 11th place, out of 25 entries. I am very happy with that result. The bike is an 06 GSXR600, and the tires were made in 2013 and used, the exhaust pipe is a combination of bits off different brands, and the bike has not been put on a Dyno for full tuning, and the front brakes ( Probally master cyclinder) suck big time. I am also using a standard stearing damper due to lack of funds but apart from that, all is exellent.

Serious lack of sleep and a very bad front brake system is why I am so very happy with this result. I am short and quite hyper active apparently lol. I was in bed at 10pm the night before the races and last remember looking at my phone at 4- 35 am, I did not sleep the night before the races at all, and was on the road at 6am to get to the track. I fealt increbibly light headed and was wondering if I should actually pull out of the races, I decided to do a few laps in qualify to make the grid, and to also check out my safety to all involved, I rode slow but safely, so batter up!

Race 1 I got an average good race start for me, but my heart just was not in it, it was kind of like I was just playing follow the leader, I noted a few issue;s with the bike during the race, and really noted my lack of hunger after all the effort put into me by every one, and fealt quite bad about that and my lack of effort, any way, I finished that race in 12th place with my fastest lap coming on the last lap with 6 riders crashing out that would have been in front of me, if they had not crashed out, so not the best result at all.

1 issue was, serious brake fade, some thing I have never experienced with the std GSXR master, ( Owner of the bike, told me he had major problems with the brakes once) yet it is some thing I have read a lot about over the years, and the other was a lack of traction getting back on the gas, on the fastest turn on the track, turn 6. So, brakes fully bled again, and I lowered the rear by shortening the shock by 3 mm , to flaten out the swingarm angle and also took 4 clicks or rebound out of the shock, to allow the tire to hook up faster with the hope of better grip. Currently, I am not prepared to crash at all, due to over enthusiasm, I have nothing to prove, and are doing this for me this time, so bit by bit, is my aim, as I have no crash budget eithert lol.

Race 2, I was standing in pit lane with helmet on, and a guy came up to talk to me, I told him to go away, as I was concentrating on what I was about to do, mmmmm, that attitude told me I had found my hunger again, lol- I found the guy after the race to talk with him, I did not know him though. Race start was bloody awsome, I have always been good at that part of racing, the top 7 were just there, well top 6, Romman was gunna be gone befor long on his own again. The traction I was looking for was better, not perfect, but better, but the real issue became the brake fade again, I am a 2 finger braker, always have been, so I was actually having to use all fingers to get the leaver travel, and then re settling my fingers on the bars prior to brake release etc and turn in exit for the entire race, it was a real pain in the ass, and I calculate this was costing me 1.6 seconds per lap alone in feel and confidence, so I will say out loud, that with no brake problems, and a fresh new current spec tire from Pirelli being an sc0, I would 100% be racing with the top 7 in the class currently- NEXT WEEKEND will proove if I am full of shit or not with this statement, stay tuned!

So I finished 11th in this race, and there were only 3 crashes from riders who would have been in front of me if they finished, so I got LUCKY a little there again, but got a better result than race 1 anyway, so all good. Race 1, my fastest lap was last lap of a 12 lap race, and race 2, my fastest lap of the weekend was on lap 6, then I all but matched that time on the last lap of that race also, so very happy with my consistency, and fealing that is there still, and is coming back. I qualified with a 1.10.538 and best race lap was a 1.09.222, but now know at this track, with above problems fixed, I will be able to cut a 1.06.5 now! we do not lie to our selves. Pitted with some good guys over the weekend also, cheers all.Thanks to the well wishes. Thanks to Millars Car Centre Millars- Paul Jones " Jonesy Racing" scott Structual ltd- Jayden Scott- Simon Robinson-lee Lee Munro- Sarah Poynter- My family Pirelli tires- Regina chains Bell helmets- One tonne leathers. Big thanks to a Private man in the South Island here for your help mate M.