Suzuki series rd 2 report.
Rd 2 did not go to plan at all. After my excitement of getting a Brembo Master cyclinder and Yoshimura brake pads prior to round 2, I was rather fired up for this one. I believed I could race for a top 7 position at this round, and the way testing went on Saturday, I went to bed saturday night quite confident I would achieve this goal. Slaon Frost gave me 2 used but good condition SC0 200 Slicks, which worked awsome on the 5.5" rim. As we only get one practice/qualify session for this racing, I was in instant trouble the minute I went out of pit lane with the bike miss behaving on the throttle big time, it just would not rev at all! Yet shift to a taller gear and it cleared itself and went ok, so I was instantly back into the pits to strip the bike down to find out what was causing the issue. Working on your own makes situations like this a bit tougher, as we are all leathered up etc, and the mind is in gear to ride bikes, not work on them. Any way, after stripping out the petrol pump, I discovered the filter was blocked like some one had put cement in the petrol ( NO ONE HAD) I did not have a spare pump with me, so I just cut the filter off, checked the tank to make sure it was very clean and reinstalled the petrol pump, rebuild bike, and was allowed out behind another class to test the bike ( Sitting in the pits, the bike would rev write out) The trouble still was there, so now I/we are assuming that the pump is not giving out the correct pressure, so I was buggered, as there was no one there with a spare K6/7 GSXR 600 petrol pump- " I thought" so I informed the organisers I would not be racing and went around saying bye to some friends, and then discovered Andrew Stroud had a track day K6/7 GSXR 600 in his trailer, so I STOLE the petrol tank off that bike, fitted it to mine, and got permission to do 2 sighting laps behind the SBK class to test it, to make sure this was the problem before the next round at Wanganui. All was exellent, and the officials said I could start the last race of the day for the F2 600 class from the back of the grid, COOL! 25 in the race, and I got up to 14th place with 5 just in front of me, when that race was red flagged whilst I was in 14th place. Re start of that race I gridded up in 14th place out of 22 this time, but only gained 1 place to 13th before the race was red flagged and finished again. Why not happy, well I expected to do better than that, but with all the machine drama and panick to repair it, I kinda lost a bit of my mojo I guess, and did not ride as good as I could have ( Sorry for that supporters)- I slipped into having fun mode, rather than serious mode. Not getting to do the qualify session nor the first race did not help either, as I was a bit behind on bike set up also, so with lack of Mojo and the bike not handling the best, I believe I was riding about 2 seconds off where I really should have been, which would have had me fighting in the top 7, which was the goal for this round. O well, another race meeting completed, more miles done, and my confidence is growing again. Wanganui Cemetary track next on the 26th, and I will be giving it my best effort folks. Thanks to Millars Car Centre Millars- Paul Jones-Simon Robinson- Jayden Scott Scott structual ch-ch Bell Helmets- Pirelli tires- Sloan M Frost.