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Thread: How many cans will it take to paint the whole bike?

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    Did my bike. Spent a good $250 or so on cans. Not any cheap shit - went to Auto paint got Snowflake Pearl and a can of Winning blue and Celestial blue. Think I went through 4 cans of primer and the same again with clear with the whole bike. Then again I painted the frame previously - 2 cans of engine enamel semi gloss black. Its chipped away a bit and not the prettiest. The bodywork is still pretty good a year and a bit on. Lost of sanding with spray cans worth it to get a good result
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    I hear you. I wish I had the time and pockets to do all the things I want...

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    me too just dreams mate good to have them i guess

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    A slab of cans, then ya might want some paint as well.

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