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Thread: iPhone 7 owners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gremlin View Post
    My 3 year old S4 must be going up in value. I've always demanded mobiles with removable batteries (S4 has #3 in it)... would be so easily fixed rather than having to replace entire phones. Meh
    and my bold 9900 must be worth a// ehhhhh. well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gremlin View Post
    Was it the 5 or 6, that there was a prank claiming it was waterproof... a whole lot got destroyed when people tested it.

    This however, is a whole new level of stupid
    I saw screen shots of Twitter and Facebook posts where people were lead to believe iOS9 made the phone waterproof.

    ... then there was the microwave trick.

    It doesn't have anything to do with which brand of phone they have, there are a lot of silly people out there who are easily misled. I'm hoping most of those people in the news article were just younger teens given a phone by their parents - because if they were adults they should know better!

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