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Thread: BMW F800R? anyone riding or have ridden one? Thought and opinions?

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    Try fitting a Booster Plug. I fitted one to my F650cs and it was like adding an extra cylinder!

    Made in a garden shed in Denmark. When I bought mine, (back in about 2008) they were only available for BMW and a few Triumph models, but he must have expanded. I seem to remember it cost me around NZ$200... well worth the cost.

    Check out this vid of the fitting and first impressions.
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    I'm pleased you are enjoying it. I bought the F800S back in 2006 when they first came out. That had teething problems but BMW sorted them, mostly.

    I do recall my fuel would sometimes leak after filling but as you say it goes forever on a drop of fuel anyway.

    I found the ABS (back then) cut in annoyingly to soon and took way too long to re-engage the brakes. This was a big complaint worldwide with owners. I disabled the ABS once to try stoppies but it didn't really take to that sort of treatment. Too soft front end. Disabling the ABS also disabled the speedo and odometer - which I didn't like.

    The power was adequate but I have to say not that exciting. But I do have fond memories of the bike and I loved the look, comfort and practicalities.

    Did a couple of track days. It was fun bike to wheelie because people didn't expect it to.
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    how does he R compare to the gt?

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    24th September 2018 - 10:40
    My apologies for bringing up an old topic, however Im now in the market for my first bike, as I just received my full licence.
    Im currently undecided between BMW F800R and Yamaha MT-07.
    I learned to ride during the training course on MT-07 and I really like this bike quite a lot, however, since Im a complete beginner, I certainly do not know, if there perhaps are better options to choose as a first bike, instead of going with Yamaha.

    F800R seems to be a better deal in terms of specs, features and aftermarket value, however Ive never ridden it, as there is no demo bikes available, so the only way to test it, is to buy it.

    What would you suggest in this case?

    I was also reading the review from Milktown and became confused on this quote below:
    This also means that when manoeuvring in parking lots and heavy traffic I have to constantly slip the clutch rather than just letting the bike plod along in 1st. Not the end of the world but something I had to re learn.
    Does this apply to all F800R and if it does - can this somehow be fixed?


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    Throttle. Some have complained about this bike having a twitchy throttle at lower speeds due to very lean tuning. I haven't found this to be a problem but I have often found that when I twist the throttle to pass another vehicle or I'm just having fun in the twisties, I often have to reach for more. As in ill twist the throttle as far as I can but then I have to re grip and twist even more before I hit the full throttle stop. Never had a bike where I've had to do this.

    I had a 1998 bmw r850r and had this exact problem. I was riding along thinking how gutless the bike was for a 850 then realised I had to regrip to throttle further and it actually did have some get up and go. But so impractical to use I ended up selling it.

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    I had an 800r it was a bloody good bike

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