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Thread: Vespa PX 200

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    Vespa PX 200

    $10 for 5 days of commuting to the viaduct.
    Things I've learned this week on the Vespa.

    Bus lanes are your friend
    You can go thru bollards on a scooter and no one cares
    You can ignore a lot of road rules as the chances of being pinged are low.
    you don't have to wave or nod a other bikers as your not one of " cool' crowd any more.
    Dragging off 50cc Chinese scooters becomes a challenge....larger ones eat PX 200's
    Vespa PX 200 have gears which is good as you can ride the 3rd gear torque curve.
    Vespa PX 200 gearbox is awful.
    Vespa PX 200 suspension is awful.
    Vespa PX 200 handling is awful.
    You can go thru gaps you can't on a BMW.
    You can stuff a set of Warehouse wets and your glove in the glove box.
    Vespa PX front drum brake is frekin scary.
    Filling up underground carparks with ning ning and fumes is fun
    Guys at work say " why are your wearing a Ducati jacket' ( its either that of a Triumph one)
    If I ever get promoted to SEA I'm buying a scootah.
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    I have a 1964 Honda 90 you could do a road test on ... it is after a all a real bike!!

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