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Thread: Australian 5 day ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeklanM View Post
    Be aware Aussie road laws are stringently enforced. Speeding penalties for 30 to 45 over the limit is around $800 with a minimum suspension of 3 month exceed the limit by more than that and the fine is approx $2400 & minimum suspension of 6 months, depending on how the police officer views the gravity of your offence, In both examples suspension can be immediate!!

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    Holy shit that is insane. Almost makes me feel sorry for them. ALMOST. Fucking peasants seem lie down and let their authorities do whatever they like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imac View Post
    Thanks guys, yeah I know Aussie is big and full of bitey, stingey and eatey things not to mention the Popo. Just formulationg a loose plan and Tassie sounds good. I have a mate in Melbourne and he is keen to come so that might work.

    I'm off to Vegas ina month and picking up a bike to do a loop through Zion, Bryce, Moab and back through Monumnet Valley so once that is behind me I'll start the Aussie planning.
    Watch this space
    Been to those exact places by camper. Travelled Salt lake city to Vegas. Absolutely stunning.
    Stop at Gien canyon for a swim.

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    Day1 Melbourne to Apollo Bay 198km Apollo Bay is a bit like Kaikoura
    Day2 Apollo Bay to Mt Gambier 360km Nice but lots of traffic & road works when I did it
    Day3 Mt Gambier to Grampians 240km My Gambier is a dump , Grampians are way cool
    Day 4 Grampians to Beechworth 450km Beechworth is an old gold mining town , really nice
    Day5 Beechworth to Lakes Entrance 289km Awesome bit of road
    Day 6 Lakes to Melbourne 319km
    day 7 exploring somewhere along the wqy

    Gardners are good to deal with for a rental , not far from Melbourne central

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